10 Stunning World Wide National Parks as Wall Murals

We have compiled a list of our top 10 National Park sceneries in the world as featured wall murals! Try something new with your home decor and throw a detailed piece of wall art in any room, office, or restaurant. Our repositionable wallpaper will leave your guests speechless and stop people in their tracks with our amazing wall canvas material. So check out some of these jaw-dropping landscapes below or go to our landscapes & nature collection and browse tons more!

1. Yosemite National Park

According to Forbes, Yosemite is one of the first parks in the National Park Service. Located in California, Yosemite hosts famous landmarks and scenery like Half Dome and El Capitan. The Yosemite National Park Mural acts as a great accent wall living room mural to catch people attention.

10 national parks as wall murals

There is also plenty of different animals in this park so a great wildlife wallpaper from Yosemite Park would be a great for accent wall ideas for living room. These wall mural stickers also provide natural light in interior design spaces and work well with all kinds of paint color or any wall color.

2. Plitvice Lakes

This Wonderful Scenery is home to 16 emerald and turquoise lakes connected with dozens and dozens of scenic waterfalls ranging from the turbulent to the trickling says Huffington Post. If you're looking to change your interior wall design or add an accent wall bedroom, look no further than these flowing waterfall mural wallpaper. As large wall murals, they provide a whole different space feeling and will bring out any blue tone color scheme.

10 national parks as wall murals


3. Yellowstone National Park 

The world's first national park and one of the most famous nature destinations in the USA. The place is huge and according to the Huffington Post,  it has the "continent's largest volcanic area, and home to the world's largest herd of free-roaming bison". 

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These removable wall murals is unlike any other wallpaper design. They're peel and stick wall murals so they can be applied to any white walls and can even be used as ceiling wall murals!

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4. Banff National Park

This Canadian National Treasure is one of the most popular destinations in Canada. According to the huffington post, the Banff national park is home to "pristine mountain lakes, massive glaciers, towering peaks, moose, and bear... it's like finding the very best of North American wilderness all in one beautiful package!"

10 national parks as wall murals

If you're looking for a new bedroom accent wall try these Banff National Park custom wall murals. They act as great forest wallpaper if you're trying to upgrade a bathroom accent wall. A tree mural in a bathroom is a very popular look, especially on Houzz.

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5. Grand Teton

Home to some of the most beautiful looking glaciers, Grand teton has amazing outlooks and is especially spectacular during the spring and summer months. National Geographic also states that the "The park's jewel-like lakes, blue and white glaciers, and naked granite pinnacles draw 2.8 million visitors a year."

10 national parks as wall murals

6. Fuji-Hakone-Izu, Japan

Home to Mt. Fuji, This national park boasts amazing colour and greenery during the pleasant months of spring and summer. Forbes notes that this is also japan's most popular park.

10 national parks as wall murals

7. Grand Canyon

According to topdreamer.com, The Grand Canyon is considered one of the oldest national parks in the united states. With its amazing view and scenery, no wonder it is one of the most visited parks in the USA

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8. Olympic National Park

 Located in Washington, this national park is one of most popular destinations due to the fact that it is a top-notch nature and wilderness preserve. According to Fodors.com, "The park is also an International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site, and 95% of the land is designated wilderness, meaning not even a road runs through it!"

10 national parks as wall murals

9. Nepal

 Home to Mount Everest, Arguably one of the most famous mountains in the world, Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal is a beautiful sight with jaw-dropping mountain landscapes and beautiful small sherpa villages says womanitely.com. If you're not sure on how to match your bathroom color, you can add a black and white filter to any tree wall mural and it will match with any wall in a room!

10. Zion

Located in Utah, this canyon park is home to amazing scenery being based in the united states west coast. according to nationalgeographic.com, "The park’s striking vertical topography—rock towers, sandstone canyons, and sharp cliffs—attracts 3.5 million visitors a year"

10 national parks as wall murals

 Hope you enjoyed our top 10 national parks of the world. Check out more of our landscape and nature wall murals by going to our collection page!