15 Cute Wall Mural Ideas To Inspire Your Next Kid's Room Makeover

15 Cute Wall Mural Ideas To Inspire Your Next Kid's Room Makeover

If your boy's bedroom needs a little makeover then we got some great wall mural ideas for you! You can create a whole new look for the bedroom with just one of these amazing kid's room wall murals. Below, we scoured the internet for 15 great wallpaper ideas to help you start your interior design adventure. We got tons of different theme options and surely you will find the one best suited for you. 

Travel The World

A great look to consider is an adventure-themed wall mural for your child's room. Pick a cool World Map wall mural with some fun looks and animals like the one below. With a couple of earthy and neutral tones, you can easily match the other pieces of home decor items with so many different bedroom wall murals. There is also a lot of cute types of world map wallpaper to choose from for your little one. You can edit the colors of every aspect of the map and choose which animals to display on your world map mural also! 

kids wall mural landscape cartoon jungle forest wallpaper childrens ideas maps

kids wall mural landscape cartoon jungle forest wallpaper childrens ideas maps

Fun Street Art

Looking for something outside the box? Use some fun and colorful street art graffiti wall murals to enhance your boy's bedroom. Here is a fun dr.seuss graffiti wallpaper that will inject tons of color into the room! 

graffiti street art wall murals wallpaper for bedroom office living room easywalls easywallz street art wallpaper

Play Ball!

We got some great murals for a sports themed bedroom. You can transform your boy's bedroom into a full out sports arena! Huge baseball fan? You can use our Peel & Stick baseball wall mural behind their bed! Use our vintage baseball mural in black and white like seen on Houzz. There is also so many more sports to choose from, you can check out the selection of different ones in our sports collection!

kids wall mural baseball sports child houzz eazywallz

Circus Performer

Who doesn't love the circus? With so many fun things happening inside the circus tent you will find so many things to display in a child's room. Check out the circus room display below from Houzz and see how this child's room was turned into a fun circus with lions included! 

circus wall murals for kids and children wallpaper

Simple but Effective Walls

You don't have to fill up a wall with an entire image, try to consider a simple 2 color pattern to make huge changes in the decor. With plenty of geometric removable wallpaper patterns to choose from, you can simply add a whole new look and be able to match it with other aspects in the room. 

Tropical fun

A very popular choice is the collection of beach & tropical wall murals. A beach wall mural provides some amazing white sand scenery and can offer a calming effect in any children's decor. You can also put a cool surfing wall mural and highlight one of your children's favorite past time. If you just want a simplistic look with not too much going on, use a palm tree wall mural! 

15 Cute Wall Mural Ideas To Inspire Your Next Kid's Room Makeover


Reach for the stars with some awesome space themed wall murals that will blow your children's mind! From the nebula to the milky way, these high-quality wall murals will provide a one-of-a-kind look in any room!

space wall murals kids wallpaper for childrens

Sleep among the clouds. 

A great way to display a calm and dreamy effect in any children's room is to display some fluffy white cloud wallpaper. This is a very popular choice among boy's bedrooms and can match with many different shades of blue. 

kids wall mural clouds wallpaper childrens ideas

Make an Accent Wall

If you're looking for a more simple approach to re-designing your boy's room, check out our article on creating an accent wall. By creating an accent wall you can inject a simple design and not overwhelm the rest of the room's decor. Take a look at this wooden planks and tree look below from decoist.com. The accent wall brings together texture, minimalism, and creativity!

murals for walls accent wallpaper murals mural mural wall 

In the woods

If your boy loves camping or loves to be outdoors, check out some forest wallpaper for an amazing look in a boy's bedroom. Use a pine trees wall mural to create a lost in the woods effect like the example below. With some other decor items, you can almost replicate the outdoors! A forest wall mural will also create some depth in the room to open it up a bite. You can also do that with all types of trees wallpaper so don't be shy!

forest wallpaper for children kids wall murals eazywallz

Black and White

If you're not a fan of any color, you can go for a lot of cool black & white peel and stick wall murals. With these 2 tones, you can really go all out with the color with the rest of the room. Some cool black and white wall murals that could work for a younger and older boy would be some different abstract wall mural looks. You can either choose a wall mural decal or choose any kind of mural wall art to achieve a simplistic look! If you don't like the look you can simply take it down because all of these removable wall murals can be removed without damage!


Every child loves to go fast so how about a race car themed room? Use the formula 1 wall mural to add a track to the walls and really take the decor to the next level. Match it with a race car bed and let your kids imagine race wild! 

kids wall mural race track racing wallpaper childrens

King of the Jungle

If you're looking for something jaw-dropping, check out the lion head wall mural. This very popular wall mural is the ultimate statement mural and can be showcased in almost any home decor color. Check out the example below using the black and white majestic lion wall mural in a bedroom. You will not be disappointed with the results! 

kids wall mural lion head wallpaper

Sea Captain

If you are really looking for a statement wall mural, turn your boy's bedroom into an underwater world. You can use a cool water world themed wall mural or a cool boat wall mural to really make your wallpaper pop! This wallpaper idea is great to turn your boy's bedroom into a fun space and keep their imagination running!  

kids wall mural under water theme


Upload some of your children's favorite superheroes into our custom uploader and see what amazing full large scale wallpaper you can create! Turn your kid's room into a full Avengers themed wall or add some popular superheroes like Batman, Superman, or Spiderman! 

We hope you loved all these kids wall murals and we love to see all kinds of murals for kids so don't be shy to tag us in any photos on instagram, facebook, or pinterest!

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