How to create a Wall Mural! [Step by Step Guide]

Murals make your home lively and beautiful. Designing your mural ensures a unique look in your home. Having custom wall murals in your home is the perfect way to create something fascinating and have something larger than life in your home decor.

You can create murals of your favorite scenes, structures, pattern, animals, etc. You can also spice up your child’s room, sitting room and any other part of the home with elegant bedroom wall murals and wallpapers.

Eazywallz is the leading online store for custom wallpapers. Our services allow you to turn your best photos into wall murals and wallpapers of different styles and design preferences. You simply need to upload your favorite images you want for the mural or choose from the various design on our website to get started. Our design team will create removable wall murals that match the trend of your home decor. Our wall murals for bedrooms is one of the best ways to create fantastic decor in your personal space.

If you have ever wanted to create large wall murals, then this article will show you the various steps on how to go about it!

Choose a photo

The first step to creating peel and stick wall murals is to choose your preferred picture. This can be quite a daunting task, as there are several factors to consider when making your choice. Choose the image with care; it should be something you can live with for many years.

You should choose a photo that represents your personality. It also needs to be visual enough to enhance the look of your home and should blend easily with your existing home décor and furniture.

creating a wall mural wallpaper murals eazywallz

Avoid using photos of trends that may become outdated quickly, some of the best images that work include sceneries such as trees, forest, cities, mountains, rivers, animals, the sun, etc. You can also use 3D patterns, artworks, etc. for 3d wall murals or 3d wallpaper.

If you wish to use the photo of yourself or your family, then it is essential to use a picture with a beautiful background, so the focus isn’t on them.

The content of the photo you choose should match the part of the home it's meant for. Are the wallpaper murals meant for your bedroom or living room? In as much as it's essential to use elegant photos, its content should include where it's being installed. For instance, a removable wallpaper of a cityscape won’t be ideal for the kid’s room.

Ensure the photo has a high quality

No matter what image style you choose, whether patterns, nature, animals, etc., it is essential that it has high quality. The photo should be crisp and clear such that it can be enlarged without losing its quality. An ideal photo for a mural should have at least 2000 x 2000 pixels. A pixel here means the size of the photo. You can try zooming the picture to see whether it retain its quality. Also, the photo should have at least 300 (dot per inch (dpi). Your choice of photo and its quality will play a critical role in the outcome you get. Using pictures with low quality may bring about low quality wall decor.

creating a wall mural wallpaper murals eazywallz

Enhance the photo

In most cases, your ideal picture may not blend seamlessly with your home decor and furniture. Hence, you can tweak it by adding features that would make it compliment the room. This can be done using graphics software on your computer. You can add a little hint of the color of the room or patterns of the tone at the edges of the photo. You should skip this if your preferred color matches the room it's intended for. Our customer service is of the highest quality so we can tweak whatever you need when it comes to your wall art.

creating a wall mural wallpaper murals eazywallz

Taking a New photo

If you can’t find your ideal picture to use and wish to take a fresh shot, then it's essential to consider the quality of the photo. Use a professional camera with a high resolution. If you aren’t good with pictures, you can get a professional photographer to take the shots. Ensure the photos are of high quality and suitable for your use.

Alternatively, you can check out our collection of unique styles, patterns, and themes of photos including 3D patterns, Nature, Zen, and various unique arts. Simply choose anyone you like. If you end up not liking any of the wall murals or wall decals, they're easy to remove! Our Wall murals are printed on a removable and reusable adhesive so you can unstick them and put them somewhere else!

creating a wall mural wallpaper murals eazywallz

Get the Measurement of Your Space

You will have to measure the wall space you want to install the mural in. It’s essential that the photo perfectly fits the area, because cutting off part of it may ruin its appearance. Get a tape measurement tape and take the exact measurement of the wall space for the mural.

You can decide to cover the whole wall or just a section of it, but in all precision matters a lot, so the wall mural isn’t too long or short.

If you need help installing the mural check out our article on Installing our wall murals.

creating a wall mural wallpaper murals eazywallz

Upload your photo on our website

After making a decision on the picture to use and determining the measurement of your wall space, the next step is to upload the photo on our site. You will need to select the size for the wall mural or wallpaper and the type of material you want for it. We offer various high-quality materials from fabric to non-adhesive paper and Non-adhesive Vinyl. You can check the multiple samples on our website or contact us if you are having issues choosing a material type.

You can also indicate if you need further enhancement to the image.

creating a wall mural wallpaper murals eazywallz

Order Processing and Delivery

After uploading your order, it will take 5 business days to print and an additional 5 business days to ship! 

We will keep you updated every step of the way until your order is delivered.

creating a wall mural wallpaper murals eazywallz

Your wall mural is one thing you will be seeing a lot for some years, so it's essential not to compromise on quality. And that’s what we offer at Eazywallz, pure quality home decors.

Let us help you make your home a paradise with our one of a kind wall murals from eazywallz!