Decorating with Cottage Core Wallpaper - The Hottest Trend in 2021

What is Cottage Core?

Grandmillennial, Cottage Core or Granny Chic are all terms to describe the hottest interior trend of 2021 to date. The rise of cottage core and granny chic pulls inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s, with bold prints, ruffles, embroidered linens and ‘not your granny’s florals’. Think garish paisley and vintage florals that are a touch outdated and stuffy; an eclectic mix where old meets new.

vintage floral removable wallpaper


This twist on traditional Grandmillennial style is an antidote to the modern minimalist interiors of simple all-white spaces. It was named Grandmillennial due to the current generation rebelling against the previous one - furnishing their home with mid-century modern interiors and looking to the earlier generations for inspiration. Granny Chic provides a huge dose of texture with bold, clashing color patterns; showing off the 20-30 year olds desire to flaunt their personality and uniqueness within their home.


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Elements of the Cottage Core style aesthetically pay homage to the traditional english countryside; so if you fancy a little British country bumpkin within your home then look no further. Eazywallz can provide you with the hottest wallpaper styles to match this new Grandmillennial Cottage Core trend that's truly an ode to Old-School. This style offers the ultimate throwback aesthetic, so grab your grandmother’s china and offer pure nostalgia to your home.


vintage floral wallpaper

A fresh take on Granny Chic

A well-edited cottage classic prints like chintz wallpaper, will give a look that’s more timeless than antiquated.This cottage core style is so successful as it's fun and full of personality. It liberates you to create styles that are anything but ordinary, and create a space unique to you. It’s all about incorporating family heirloom pieces, alongside vintage, reclaimed furniture and making them fit in a modern interior. From Baroque wallpaper styled behind tasseled lamps and richly stained wood furniture, you’re guaranteed a millennial Granny Chic home.

Baroque Wallpaper from Eazywallz

Paisley Prints for a Granny Chic Style

Vintage paisley wallpaper prints are also a highly regarded part of the Cottage Core aesthetic. The floral elements and bold colors from the paisley mural wallpaper can be incorporated with clashing vintage furniture, paying complete homage to the style of ‘Not your Granny’s Florals’. Or perhaps, this wallpaper could be made more of a statement piece and paired with solid, bright colored furniture to centre your design concept and give an eccentric cohesive yet color cluttered look. Placing a bright, monochromatic couch or lamp

vintage paisley removable wallpaper

If you decided on a slightly more neutral paisley design, then why not opt for the Water Color Paisley Wallpaper. Using dated and hand-me-down items in your modern home, will help accentuate this chic style. To add to the Grandmillennium style, add ruffles, pleats and fringes to your hand- me-down furnishings as these embellishments are seeing a resurgence.


Vintage Paisley Wallpaper


Why Cottage Core Should Be In Your Home?

This Cottage Core style is essentially about modern-day design co-existing with retro elements. Perhaps it's because of the vintage florals and the baroque and chintz elements that make this style feel nostalgic and remind us of the warmth and comfort we felt in our grandparent’s homes.

vintage floral wallpaper murals

Whether you call this design Granny Chic, Grandmillennial or Cottage Core. Wallpaper designs can help to truly evoke that feeling of ‘home’. If you think that this design would feature perfectly within your home, contact EazyWallz to see how we can help!