5 Great Wallpaper Mural Themes for your Kid's Room Wallpaper

Choosing The Best Kid's Room Wallpaper

When choosing a wall mural theme for your kid's room wallpaper, there's a couple of factors to help you choose the right one that he or she will love.

From Travelling space to exploring the woods, you can surround your child with calm and soothing wall mural images or add an informative feel to enlighten them every time they walk in the bedroom. If you don't have an idea of where to start, check out a couple of factors below to help you out!

Include your Child in the process of choosing the Wallpaper Mural

Allowing your child to take part in the process of choosing the best theme for their room can shape the way he/she thinks about and interacts with the wallpaper mural. This is key, browse our space wall mural collection or our specific kid's wall mural collection to get a general feel of how they interact with different wall mural themes.  

circus wall murals for kids and children wallpaper

Wallpaper Pattern vs Wall Mural Image 

Choosing a new wallpaper pattern for your kid's room can be difficult but here are a couple of cool patterns that will mesh well with your decor. In terms of stylistic themes, most eyes are attracted to white, breezy rooms with cool points of interest or patterns.

A custom wall mural for children is pictured above. The circus inspired wall murals for kids matched the decor perfectly and is definitely something this child loved!

flower kids room children bedroom wallpaper mural ideas

Eazywallz has plenty of kids murals in our collection here that include some fun loving designs and minimalistic patterns to not overbear your other home decor features in the room.

The best part of Eazywallz is that the wallpaper is removable and re-usable without damage. This allows you to remove it after your kid has outgrown the wall mural. Check out some of the cool wallpaper for children themes below that could suit every budget and space!

Forest Wallpaper for Children

A fun forest wallpaper mural for children is a perfect way to get them inspired about nature. If they love camping, there's a ton of forest wall paper murals that can make you feel like your actually in the woods!

forest wallpaper for children kids wall murals eazywallz


Pictured above is a fun way to incorporate our pine forest wall mural with a childrens room. A kids mural that is green and playful can also be well designed with many different room colours.


murals for children forest wallpaper kids eazywallz  

Space Wall Murals for Kids

Expand their minds and let them explore the deep space with some amazing space wall paper murals. These custom space wall murals is perfect for a kids bedroom and the array of colours the space wall mural provides can match anything. 

Check out how this kids room was turned into deep space with this cool wall paper mural from eazywallz. 

childrens space wall mural wallpaper for kids
space wall murals kids wallpaper for childrens

Sports Wall murals for kids

If your child is a little older and loves sports there is a ton of sport wallpaper murals for kids. If they got their favourite sport wall mural installed in their room they would love to stay in it!

Below is a custom wallpaper mural that was cut into 4 sections using our vintage baseball wall mural for kids. 

baseball wallpaper for kids wall mural children eazywallz

Children's Wall Mural themes

Sometimes using beautiful objects in your child's bedroom wall mural theme is a perfect way to add something not overbearing but still has a beautiful impact.

Take a look at these 3 kids wall murals below using a beautiful dr.seuss inspired wall mural, a fairy castle wall mural, and a flying kite theme wall mural.

These all are custom made wallpaper murals that can be created for your kid by just contacting us at anytime! 

kids wallpaper mural child custom wall mural rainbow

kids wallpaper mural child custom wall mural kites

Artistic Wallpaper Murals for Children

Looking for something super artistic and creative without letting your child colour on the walls? Check out some of our awesome art inspired wall murals for kids that are a great mural choice for colourful rooms. 

Below is a Video of how Scott McGillivray uses Eazywallz's Space Graffiti Wall Mural for violet's room! in an episode of house call on facebook.


 Hope you liked our 5 cool themes for your children's wall mural look. There's tons of other ideas online that we can turn into a custom wall mural for you by just contacting us today! 

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