The Latest Interior Trend - Ombre

Ombre is the beauty of blending shades and creating a multi-tonal statement gradient effect, originating from the french word ombrer meaning to shade. The popularity of this hue, makes it the fastest growing interior trend of 2021. When matched with a simplistic painted wall, ombre adds a pop of color and compliments a chic style, there's no wonder it is so popular!

With Spring finally upon us, a bright and colorful room with natural tones is exactly what you need to decorate your home. Eazywallz have listed all the color combinations that will really make you wish you had ombre wallpaper in your home sooner.

Why You Should Choose Wallpaper Ombre over Painting Ombre?

People spend a lot of money to enhance their interior design. A much cheaper option and less labour intensive way to achieve this beautiful ombre contours is by selecting wallpaper over freehand painting. Choosing wallpaper will give you the same gorgeous ombre hue at a fraction of the cost of painting, with half the time to gain a new ombre formation.

Moreover, styles are ever changing so painting this ombre effect directly onto the walls when you might change your interior design in the near future could be a valuable mistake. Using wallpaper with this effect, gives the design you desire, without feeling guilty if you change your mind within a short space of time.

Here at Eazywallz we have selected a couple of the most popular ombre color combinations, to inspire your next interior design venture...

Yellow and Orange Ombre Wallpaper

This interior style has such a versatile color palette, many colors that traditionally combine together make a perfect gradual hue. What makes this trend so fabulous, is the ability to be bold, yet subtle with the colors in which you choose. Traditionally, the color moves from light to dark. However, this can be completely reversed and create a bold statement piece, blending daring colors such as yellow and orange, mimicking the tones of an early sunrise and or a burnt sky.


ombre & gradient removable wallpaper

If you’re looking for a slightly more rustic style, then why not try coral reef ombre wallpaper. This wallpaper would look fabulous as a backdrop behind oak furniture and bold accessories such as a tall statement lamp and simple dark embellishments. When in combination, these three elements compliment each other extremely well and provide a beautiful contrast that will have you hot on the ombre trend for 2021.

coral reef ombre wallpaper

Blue Ombre Wallpaper

Blue has the ability to calm and represent a non-threatening environment, subtly giving you a little piece of serenity. If you’re looking for a tranquil space then blue is perfect. It’s bold, yet soft like a beautiful blue sky. A cool arctic blue or a deep sky ombre wall mural provides a subtle gradient. This adventurous but calming colored wallpaper can be paired with a statement blue sofa, with clean and simple wooden furniture, to provide you with your perfect little haven. Or, why not place this aesthetic in your beauty studio or work place and provide yourself and your customers with the ultimate tranquil environment.


colourful ombre wal murals


There is also the possibility to have ombre painted onto your walls, but this can take an extremely long time and you would need a highly skilled laborer, costing you an unnecessary amount of money. To help with this, Eazywallz provides a tarnish ice wallpaper mural. This ombre effect gently flows from white to a crisp blue using mottled paint strokes, giving the illusion that the design has been freshly painted onto the walls. This wallpaper looks particularly effective when coupled with earthy toned furniture and a leafy green house plant.

Pink Ombre Wallpaper

The color pink portrays love, kindness and femininity - making this ombre style a perfect fit for a pink-loving little girl or a young professional wanting a cozy, yet stylish interior. Whether you choose a cloudy pink, a sweet pink or a mountain pink; shabby chic and scandinavian style furnishings would accentuate this space and create a snug environment to really help to pull the room together. Plenty of earthy tones are essential when using a pink hued ombre, following the concept of Japanese Minimalism where less is definitely more. 


Sweet Pink Ombre Wallpaper Mural


Holiday Ombre Tones

Creating a more daring tone, but giving a snug and warming environment is the pink peach ombre. This colour contrast from a dark pink to a deep orange reminds you of the sunset on a hot summer's day or even an Ibiza Sunset. Pairing these wallpapers with curved lines and simple wooden furniture, helps to create a bold, yet simple design, perfect for a statement living space.

Ibiza sunset ombre wallpaper


If you are particularly interested in themed rooms or simply just love to travel, then our Northern Lights or Northern Midnight ombre wallpaper gives bluey green hues. You can place yourself in Tromso, Norway or Reykjavík, Iceland, staring into the gorgeous night sky while gazing at the northern lights.


Northern Midnight Wallpaper Mural


For a slightly more alternative approach to Ombre and a Northern Light design, Paradise Blue Ink Utopia wall mural has an inky blotched gradient with green, blue and yellow contrasts. Each color bleeds into one another, giving muted tones and naturalism. With this naturalist design, it's all about bringing the outside inside. Flourishing leafy green house plants and light wooden furnishings help to accentuate this naturalist earthy style.


Blue Ink Utopia Wall Mural


Why You Should Choose An Ombre Design in 2021?

With the ombre Interior trend taking the world by storm, you’d be questioning why you didn't invest in this trend sooner? Color really can impact your mood, so decorating with an ombre design, helps to promote a thought provoking and balanced space.

If you think that ombre wallpaper fits perfectly within your home, then give Eazywallz a call on 1-877-631-3299 or email and we can provide you with a perfect ombre color scheme to match your personality.