15 Best Removable Wallpaper Designs in 2019

There are a few elements that can add color to your home better than wallpaper. An addition of some simple removable wallpaper to your home can instantly liven up your space and add style to your home. Some of the most popular wallpapers find their inspiration from natural elements like bricks, wood, and plants. If you wish to add some removable wall murals to your space anytime soon, then you should check out these 15 Best Removable Wallpaper Designs in 2019, According to Interior Designers.

1. White Bricks

White brick mural wallpaper offers a great way to give your flat and boring walls a fresh look for a fraction of the cost. The stylish faux brick wall adds an urban feel to your space and it can be used anywhere, from the bedrooms, living room, offices, laundry, etc. Its also fast becoming one of the hottest stylish interior decoration items in the market. It also is one of the best accent wall ideas used in interior decor in 2019.

white brick peel and stick wallpaper

white brick peel and stick wallpaper

2. Terrazzo 

Terrazzo has made a massive comeback into modern interior decoration since the '80s. A terrazzo inspired black and white wallpaper adds elegance to your space. Its natural and playful appeal brings a sense of interest to your walls. It’s suitable for every part of the home and not just your floors. It was named in decoraids best wallpapers in 2019.

best removable wallpaper of 2019

removable wallpaper terrazzo peel and stick

3. Animal Wallpaper

Animal wallpapers allow you to bring your fantasies to life with realistic images. These wallpapers featuring lions, elephant, rhino, gorilla and other animals fuel your creativity. They are also great for your kid’s room as they spur your kid’s creativity while adding color and fun to the walls. According to apartment therapy, these animal wallpaper murals were selected as the best wallpaper of 2019.


4. Distressed Wood wallpaper

Woods don’t only look cute on pieces of furniture; they also make some of the best wallpapers. The distressed wood wallpaper is one of the top sellers in the wood category. It provides the universal appeal and sophistication of vintage furniture to your home. So if you don’t want to spend much on furniture for a while, you can go for a safer option of a wood peel and stick wallpaper. 

reclaimed wood

5. World Map Wallpaper

Map wallpaper is a great accessory to make your home look fresh, vivid and full of natural feeling. Moreover, you will get so many compliments from friends, guests, and visitors. Map style wallpapers feature bright colors and with great artwork of different designs. With endless design possibilities, you can add a different texture and colors like this home in vancouver from houzz.

maps wallpaper

6. Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Freshen your space with a tropical peel and stick wallpaper. Tropical wallpapers provide an endless possibility to decorate your home with very little commitment. There’s an extensive collection of these colorful floral wallpapers inspired by various events, sceneries, and arts. The banana leaf is one of the most expressive and popular. It coordinates perfectly with other home decors, so your current decorations won’t be in danger. The vintage style is famous from the Beverly Hills Hotel and you can install it in your own home.

banana leaf beverely hills wallpaper removable

banana leaf beverely hills wallpaper removable

7. Patterned Wall Paper

An interlocking of modern lines can form into a spectacular vision on your walls. Pattern wallpapers harmonize perfectly in your living space. It’s ideal for almost everywhere including the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, offices, workshops, etc. It matches perfectly with your patterned decors, furniture, beddings, etc.

8. Vintage Wood Wall Paper

Vintage wood is not just great for furniture but also makes an excellent wallpaper. It adds a rustic feel to your space, making it more relaxed and less formal. Who needs a formal home setting? Installing wood wallpaper will be considered a huge design statement that will surely get you compliments. This wood wallpaper is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, etc. 

vintage wood removable wallpaper

9. Texture Removable Wallpaper

If your home lacks character, then texture wallpaper can do much to give it a personality. A texture wallpaper ranks amongst one of the popular choices, and a more straightforward choice for people cautious of making so much change at once. It’s hard to go wrong with Texture wallpaper.

White & Grey Marble Texture Wall Mural

10. Tropical wallpaper

A tropical scene depicts the fun side of nature. It reminds us of the great time we have spent with friends and family. A tropical peel and stick wallpaper brings the serenity of the beach right into your home, such that you will almost feel the sea breeze right in your living room. This wallpaper is more suitable for the bedroom or kitchen. The backdrop is also ideal for a kid’s room. 

tropical wallpaper

11. Log Cabin Wallpaper

There are varieties of wood wallpapers, and the logwood wallpaper happens to be one of the best. It’s both antic and elegant. It beautifully complements the space in your home or office. It also brings the touch of calmness found in the wood cabins. You will feel relaxed ten times more just by looking at this wallpaper.

12. Stripe Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The stripe is a familiar shape and a natural choice of wallpaper for people who are afraid of patterns. It’s the best wallpaper to introduce texture to your home. If your home is too formal and modern, then a striped wallpaper might be all you need to give it personality. Here some cool ideas for decorating with striped wallpaper

Photo: Oberto Gili


13. Geometric Pattern wallpaper

This diamond inspired geometric wallpaper shows off your bold personality. Diamond shapes are considered sophisticated and add interest to your home. High-contrast geometric design is suitable for the living room, bedroom, offices, etc. it’s also the ideal pick to add personality to your powder room, to make your guest think twice. Spruce offers geometric patterns in their best wallpaper designs of 2019.


14. Floral Wall Paper

Delicate floral prints can have a massive effect on your walls and offer a fresh alternative when decorating your home. Floral designs are colorful. They are everywhere, from textiles to furniture, on beddings, and anywhere else you can think of. A contemporary floral wallpaper will match effortlessly with your interiors, providing a beautiful texture and a natural feel. There are different designs of flower wallpapers, and they come at a fraction of the cost. A couple of fresh and cool looking floral wallpapers were featured in Stylecaster in 2019.

floral removable wallpaper

15. Gray Woods Wallpaper

Just like white bricks, Gray wood is both romantic and beautiful. Its retro feel adds visual energy and calmness to your home. And since it is pale and subtle, it matches perfectly with other interiors. The gray wood peel and stick wallpaper are one of the best sold in the wood category. It is very expressive and depicts love for nature and antiquity.

grey woods wallpaper

grey woods wallpaper