15 Remarkable Landscape & Forest Wallpaper for your bedroom

There is something about larger than life dreamy forest wallpaper photos placed in your bedroom that just makes your mind wonder.

On top of that, when these amazing Wall murals are of wildlife, lakes, and just the clean outdoors, it brings you closer to nature. Take a look at these 15 incredible natural views that you can showcase on any wall in your bedroom. 

With so many different kinds of forests and landscapes to choose from you can match with any bedroom decor style.

Rain forests, birch tree wallpaper, Winter forests, Pine forests, Coastlines, are just a few landscapes that will make you feel like you are actually there. While these types of wallpaper look amazing to look at they also add depth to your walls and make the room feel bigger than it is.  

1. Misty & Foggy Forest Wallpaper

Misty Forest wallpaper murals have a very soothing effect, they create this mysterious look that makes your mind wander. Having one of this types of forests as a focal point is an amazing option especially if you match the rest of your home decor pieces around it.

As soon as you walk into the room this type of forest wallpaper will stop anyone in their tracks. Check out Apartment Therapy article Bringing the Outdoors in for more great misty forest ideas. 

misty forest wallpaper


misty forest lanscape wallpaper mural

2. Rain Forest Wall Murals

Rain forest wall murals in your bedroom will make you feel like your going on an adventure. lose yourself in these amazing high detailed larger than life wall murals deep into the jungle. The Improvised Life uses a cool rain forest mural wallpaper for their bedroom. 


rain forest wallpaper mural
rain forest wallpaper mural

3. Enchanted Forest Wallpaper

Bring nature inside your bedroom with these enchanted beautiful forest removable wallpaper on your walls. These will brighten up your room and also add great depth and colour to your bedroom decor. The Gadget Flow showcases a Light Forest Mural Here


wild flower enchanted forest wallpaper mural


4. Winter Mountains Wall Mural

You don't have to climb mount Everest to see the top of some of these beautiful mountains. These landscape wall murals will provide a sense of calmness on your walls and will match with any home decor piece with its desaturated colours. The contemporist uses a mountain mural to get a cool effect here.


winter forest wallpaper murals
winter landscape wall mural

5. Waterfall Wall Murals

Nothing beats a calm waterfall landscape wallpaper on your bedroom wall. Use these wonderful waterfalls to add a soothing effect and make you feel like your actually sleeping under one! Check out how Lush Home uses a waterfall for a center piece in their room here


waterfall forest wallpaper
waterfall tree wallpaper murals


6. Birch Tree Wallpaper

Bright and detailed birch tree wallpaper are in style. These easy to use removable wallpapers will open up the space in your bedroom or living room. These peel and stick forest wallpapers are vibrant with amazing detail and fit perfect in Scandinavian interiors. 

birch tree wallpaper
birch tree wallpaper murals

These are super high detailed wall murals that could enhance your regular white plain walls. Thank you for checking out these different kinds of forests and landscape wallpapers to showcase how these remarkable wall murals will look inside your bedroom.

Check out our Landscape & Nature Collection to browse through our extensive collection of these wall murals.

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