The Top 5 Color Trends of 2022 in Home Decor

The results are in from the annual color trends report from multiple sources and it shows which colours are set to make waves in 2022. These top 5 colours are popular in home decor themes like Bohemian or Scandinavian and really encompass the feeling of 2022. A fresh breath of air is due in your interior and these wallpaper murals are a perfect way to inject some natural color tones in your home.

1. Pacific Pink

Lift your mood and incorporate a bright color into your living space with this dusty pink mood. A darker version compared to a candy pink, this color plays well with aqua blues and dark greens. "It takes its name from its gentle coastal personality, with a shell-like hue evocative of glimmering Pacific beaches" says Grace Fussell from shutterstock.

 pacific pink wall mural removable wallpaper

 Wallpaper: Pink Rose Ombre

The color is versatile in home decor themes when acting as a primary color for your wall mural or removable wallpaper. Use it on a accent wall or an accent color in a muted toned peel and stick wallpaper.


2. Leafy Green

inspired by the neutral colors of nature, this leaf green inspired color tone is a perfect addition to your home design. This organic color can surround your home as a main wallpaper theme or acts as a great compliment color in a wall mural. The neutral shade of green pairs well with creamy colors and beige over tones.

 leafy green color wallpaper

 Wallpaper: Classic grunge


"Because of its organic feel and warm undertones, Laurel Leaf pairs beautifully with creamy whites, cozy beiges, light to medium wood tones, and leafy house plants", Wilker says on better home and gardens.


 leafy green wallpaper mural

wallpaper: mughal gouache wall mural


3. Yellow Popcorn

Rather than a vibrant yellow, this yellow popcorn color is a perfect choice for a neutral living space. The pale color tone fits perfectly with natural themes like a bohemian style. The playful color is also perfect for a fresh nursery or fun playroom.

 yellow removable wallpaper murals

yellow removable wallpaper murals
Wallpaper: The Royal Palms Wallpaper


"Bright and cheery Popcorn radiates warmth to all who embrace it." says House Beautiful. Our yellow custom wall murals will provide great color in any size.

 Abstract yellow removable wallpaper murals

4. October Mist

Grey will be a major color in 2022 according to Pantone and this October mist color tone injects a natural greenish hue which fits perfectly in any theme style.



"Make room for creativity. Evoking the silver-green stem of a flower, October Mist creates a canvas for other colours - and your imagination - to blossom." says Benjamin Moore. The Off Green Colors feature pale and pastel feels that compliment well with pale pinks and sky blues. Use a removable wallpaper mural featuring this color for any bedroom or living space. 

5. Calm Blue

Injecting cool blues into your 2022 home decor will no doubt create a fresh new interior. More on to the brighter side, this calm blue color tone is perfect for a beach side look with your boho home decor. Use a peel and stick abstract wallpaper showcasing this bright color for the perfect accent or feature wall.

blue wallpaper mural and removable wallpaper

"The calm blue has the quality of being both soothing and invigorating and offers plenty of design versatility. Used with crisp white, it creates a calming coastal feel, while as one block of color it can be an enveloping breath of fresh air." says Home & Gardens

blue removable wallpaper mural and wall murals Wall Mural: Blue Mountain Landscape


Use these colors to create your dream home decor and let us help you inject them with wall murals and removable wallpaper. We have tons of colourful choices in different styles to match your interior. Our customer service is second to none and we would love to help!

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