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Company info

Eazywallz is a design and production company that specializes in large scale printing. Eazywallz.com allows you to choose from our vast library of thousands of images, designs and curated patterns to create your own wall mural or patterned design. It also offers your own photo, image or design to be uploaded to allow for a unique and personal featured wall. 

Eazywallz main office is located in Montreal, QC. We currently have 3 printing facilities where our wall murals and wallpaper ship from: one in Mississauga, ON (Canada), one in Savannah, GA (United States) and one Riga (Latvia).

No. Eazywallz.com is solely an online store.

About our wall murals

Eazywallz Wall Mural collections showcase a vast array of images...All you'll need to decide is whether you want to cover your wall partially or fully as a large scale feature wall. Choose one of our standard sizes or enter your own dimensions to perfectly fit in your space. All our wall murals can be printed on any of our top brand materials - from peel & stick to paste the wall - we have them all.

Well, it all depends on the surface you plan to apply your wall mural to. A good wall preparation is key. On a flat, smooth and CLEAN indoor wall, our wall murals will certainly last for decades! We do not recommend installing any of our wall murals and removable wallpaper on textured walls, vinyl based walls or stainless steel. It is also recommended to install within 4 weeks of delivery. You can learn more about wall preparationhere.

All our wall murals can be cleaned with a DRY cloth. Our 3M Vinyl and Korographics materials can be cleaned with a lightly damp sponge. Note that any excessive scrubbing can damage the printed surface, no matter the material. Do not use any chemicals to clean your wall mural !

Our wall murals are designed specifically for indoor use. However, we do carry specific materials that are suitable for outdoor use. Please contact us to find out about our material options suitable for exterior application.

Absolutely! You can use our Eazystick and 3M vinyl materials (our two peel & stick options) on various surfaces such as doors, glass, ceilings, poles, windows, furniture, home appliances, tiles, mirrors, etc. Note that our Eazystick option is removable without damage, making it the best option for surfaces other than walls. Do NOT install on textured walls

Our material rolls go up to 50" wide. If one side of your wall mural (width or height) is larger than 50", it will come in multiple panels, just like traditional wallpaper. Besides, it would be nearly impossible to install a wall size mural in one large piece :)

About our repeat pattern wallpaper

Browse hundreds of curated designs and patterns in our repeat pattern collections. Choose between 3 pattern scales: Small, Medium and Large or if you have your own file you would like to use send it our way, we will create the pattern and scale for you. Our repeat patterns are sold by the panel. Order as many as you need to cover any surface no matter the size! Sizes come in 24" wide by your choice of 96", 108", 120", 132" or 144" height.

Eazywallz Repeat Pattern Wallpaper are patterned designs that repeat along the width and height of your wall, just like traditional wallpaper. Wall Murals are one full image that would span the full width and height of your wall.

We print our Repeat Pattern Wallpaper in panels of 24" wide by 96", 108", 120", 132" and 144" height. To determine the number of panels needed for your wall you will need to measure your space (width x height in inches) and then divide that by 24" (which represents one panel). That will tell you how many panels you need. The height of the wall measured will tell you which panel height you should choose. For example, if your wall is 144" W x 96" H you will order 6 panels of 24" W x 96" H. 

Please note, we print our Repeat Pattern Wallpaper to exact size ordered so if you think you may need extra for good measure please account for that in your order.

Our Repeat Pattern collections come in all of the Eazywallz signature materials. Whether you're looking for something for your residential space that is removable without damage or something for a commercial project that will provide durability for high traffic areas, we have it all! 

Material Info

Eazywallz offers a perfect material for all wall types and environments. Listed below are our wall-covering options, from removable to permanent, peel and stick to pasted, residential to commercial, we have it all!

HP PCV-free pre-pasted wallpaper requires only water to activate the pre-pasted glue. It is designed for easy application, clean removal and has a smooth matte finish.

Eazystick is a peel & stick material that is completely DIY, removable without damage and has a slight canvas matte finish.

Korographics is a matte finish Type II Vinyl. It is a permanent commercial application that is mildew resistant and is fire rated. It is ideal for commercial spaces. Professional installation required.

Digiscape is a commercial grade wallpaper that is 100% green alternative to PVC wallcovering materials. Digiscape is very durable, dimensionally stable and tear-resistant with a smooth matte finish. Professional installation is recommended.

3M peel and stick vinyl offers high durability for commercial spaces or high wear and tear areas such as doors or areas in. It is a permanent application and has a satin smooth satin finish. Professional installation is recommended.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions will vary depending on the material you choose. Please find installation instructions for all our materials here.

Along with every order (Regular or Custom), you will receive a detailed Installation Instructions sheet. You can also find the installation instructions here.

Flat and smooth surfaces are best. We do not recommend installing on any type of textured wall

Self adhesive materials (Eazystick and 3M Peel and Stick Vinyl) are not recommended for application over eggshell finish paints or paints advertised as being stain-resistant or washable. These paints are crafted to prevent self-adhesive materials from sticking. Other paints to avoid installing on are Low or No VOC paints, eco-friendly paints, easy to clean, washable or scrubbable paints. All the above paints have ingredients that will repel the self adhesive material from the wall.

Do NOT apply it right away! If you apply your wall mural before the paint/primer is fully dry, it will either have trouble adhering to the wall or the adhesive will dry to the paint. When removed, paint may come off with your mural. A completely dry wall may take longer than you think. As a general rule, we recommend waiting at least 2 weeks. However it is best to follow your paint manufacturer's instructions. They should provide an amount of time for curing the paint before applying a wall covering to its surface.

Although some of our materials can be installed on some wallpapers, we do not recommend it! Removing existing wallpaper and prepping your wall for a new wall covering is best.

Our wall murals are designed specifically for indoor use. However, we do carry specific materials that are suitable for outdoor use. Please contact us to find out about our material options suitable for exterior application.

We have four material options that can be installed in a bathroom. HP Pre-Pasted Wallpaper, Digiscape Wallpaper, Korographics Type II Vinyl and the 3M Peel and Stick Vinyl. We do NOT recommend the Eazystick material for any surface that will be in a moist or humid location or in high traffic.

Removal Instructions

Removal is extremely easy for our Eazystick and HP prepasted wallpaper material options! Simply peel up the edge of the panels installed with your fingernail and slowly peel the wall mural off the wall. That's it!

Our other materials are more permanent and therefore more difficult to remove.

This will depend on the material you choose. Our Eazystick material option is removable without damage and will not leave a sticky residue.

Our Eazystick material option is removable and won't damage your walls. However, since we cannot guarantee the condition of all wall surfaces, some paint flecking may occur. You may notice paint flecks on the back of your wall mural when removed.

Our HP pre-pasted wallpaper can be removed without damage under certain conditions.

All other materials are more permanent options and therefore may take the paint off your wall when removed. Note that Eazywallz Inc. is not responsible for any damage or paint touch-up that may be required after removal.

The ONLY material we carry that is reusable is our Eazystick option. Simply keep the adhesive side free of dust, hair, paint flecks and other debris. Then, return your used mural to the original backing paper and into the tube for storage. For best results, reuse it immediately. The longer the storage or moving time, the shorter your mural's life. We cannot guarantee the results of re-use, especially if your storage or moving time is extended.

Custom orders

Absolutely? The process is quite simple: 

1- First, check out our Upload Your Image page.

2- Upload your image. Feel free to add any additional comments and specifications regarding your order. 

3- In our uploader software, enter the dimensions you need and crop your image the way you want.

4- If all looks good, just add your mural to cart, continue to checkout and place your order.

5- Our graphic design department will then review your image to ensure that the resolution is high enough to suit your wall size reproduction 

6- We will then produce and ship your custom peel and stick wall mural. Eazy!

Our uploader software can only accept JPEG or PNG files. Your file must be less than 250 MB.

Alternatively, You can share your pictures in virtually any file format (JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PSB, RAW, BMP, PNG, AI, EPS and PDF ) via our manual upload form here.

Of course! You can easily custom size any wall mural from our collection. Just hit the "enter your own dimensions" button and crop the image the way you want.

Then, add your cropped mural to cart and continue to checkout. If your mural requires additional tweaks, just send us an email to:custom@eazywallz.com. Don't forget, all our graphic design services are free of charge!

No. We do NOT charge any extra fee for custom made wall murals.

This will depend on your photo or design. Our uploader software will review the quality of your image based on its dimensions and resolution. However, all files are different.

If you are unsure of the result, just email us at custom@eazywallz.com. We can help you decide if your image will turn out the way you want, and if the quality is to your satisfaction. We will send you a Digital Quality Proof of your image by email for approval, enlarged to the dimensions you need.

Note that we will NEVER print an image we know will provide poor results.

Unfortunately not. We do not provide any scanning services (negative of a picture, developed picture or painting) of any sort at this time.

Yes. The minimum size required for a custom order is 12 sq/ft. Ie: 4ft x 3ft, 6ft x 2ft, etc.

We can technically print as large as you need! However, the maximum size of a print will depend on the type of image provided and its quality/resolution. We will definitely try to develop a wall mural that meets your needs and satisfaction. But pixelated pictures will certainly have a size limitation due to their resolution. A vector graphic will NOT have any size limitation because of their use of geometrical primitives, which are all based on mathematical equations and not pixels.

If you are unsure of how your picture will turn out, feel free to email us at custom@eazywallz.com. We will send you a Digital Quality Proof of your image by email for approval, enlarged to the dimensions you need.


Of course! If you set up an Account prior to placing your order, you can check the status online. Sign in to check the status of your order.

We currently have 3 facilities, in Canada, in the United States and in Latvia.

It all depends on the shipping option you choose at checkout, and the delivery address. We offer 3 shipping options. Note that we need approximately 1-5 business days to process and print your order.

FEDEX Ground (depending on your location): 1 to 5 business days

FedEx 2 DAYS: 2 business days

FedEx OVERNIGHT: 1 business day

If you did not receive your wall mural after 14 business days, feel free to contact us. For more information on our shipping options, please click here.

Of course!

Yes we do, Eazywallz ships worldwide. International shipping fees will vary depending on your location.

Yes. If you'd rather use your own Fedex account, please let us know prior to placing your order by contacting us here.

Since we ship from both Canada and the US, you should not be subject to any duty fees. In the rare case that this would happen, customs fees, import taxes, brokerage fees or duty fees are the responsibility of the customer.


We will accept returns and offer an exchange for incorrect, damaged and defective items only, within 14 days of the date of receipt. Depending on the situation, we may request that the items are returned to us, in perfect condition and in the original shipping package. 

Because all orders are custom made and printed on-demand to your specifications, Eazywallz does NOT offer refunds on any product. If there is an issue with your wall mural or wallpaper, please contact us and we'll make it right! Our customer service is legendary and your satisfaction is our priority!

As all our wall murals and wallpaper are printed on-demand to your exact specifications, we unfortunately can't take returns in that case. We only accept returns on incorrect, damaged or defective items.

If you wall mural was damaged during transit, we will ask for a picture showing the damage and we will contact you ASAP to resolve the issue.

Gift Cards

Eazywallz gift cards can be purchased by visiting https://www.eazywallz.com/collections/all/products/eazywallz-gift-card. Once purchased, gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions on how to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

Unfortunately not.

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