How-to #2

How To Measure your wall

Measuring your wall is a crucial step. Read this quick guide to help you take your measurements right. 

Make an impact

So you finally decided on the wall you want to cover, congrats! Now you'll need to decide whether you want to cover your wall partially or fully. 

Covering a wall partially offers a focal point for smaller rooms without being overwhelming, however covering a whole wall creates a real impact and will dramatically change the feel of the entire room. It is also the best bang for your buck!

First, let's make sure the size is right...

Standard wall

Not all walls are perfectly straight. For this reason, it is important to take measurements at 2 different points. For the width, take measurements at the top and bottom of the wall. For the height, take measurements on the left and right hand sides of the wall. 

Always use the greater number if they are different.

Do NOT include baseboards or moldings in your measurements.

ALWAYS double check your measurements to avoid any issues.

Slanted wall

Taking the measurements for a slanted wall is the same process as for a standard wall.

ALWAYS measure the longest and widest parts of the wall.

Ignore the slope or slant, and install your wall mural as a full rectangle. You will need to trim out the slope area once the mural is installed.

Vaulted or arched wall

Just like with a slanted wall, you will need to take the measurements at the longest and widest parts of the wall, ignoring the 2 slants or curvature (in the case of an arched wall).

Your wall mural will come as rectangle and therefore the slants or excess material will need to be cut during the installation.

Wall with obstacles

We usually suggest that you include any obstacle (door, window, etc) in the measurements you take. In this case, you will need to trim your wall mural or wallpaper on your end and discard the waste (unless you plan on covering the doors/windows). 

Sometimes however, you will want to customize your wall mural around the doors and windows. This is especially true if the amount of waste is too great, making very little sense financially. Have a look at this picture to  see how to measure around doors and windows.

For complex projects and multiple walls, don't hesitate to request a rendering from our design team! It will  give you a good idea of which sections of the wall mural will be visible and which will be trimmed off. We can also adjust the design to fit the best way possible on yoru wall.

Multiple walls

If you are looking to install your wall mural across multiple walls, it is best to combine the width of all walls and order your wall mural as one print, as opposed to multiple prints. However, if you'd prefer to order multiple sections (one for each wall), you can always contact us as we will ensure that the mural stays continuous and matches at the corners.

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