8 Beach Wall Murals to Transform Your Home Into a Paradise

Have you ever watched a stunning sunset on a white sandy beach and wished you could capture that moment forever? Yeah, so have we, which is why we've created a wide selection of beach wall murals to brighten up your home. Put your favorite paradise beach, picturesque sunset, or breathtaking coastal view on your walls, so you can enjoy your happy place all day, every day.

Many of our beach peel and stick wall murals have made it on our bestsellers list, and it's no surprise! The ocean has a calming effect that can instantly transform your mood upon entering the room. We've specially chosen our 8 favorite beach wall murals to help you get inspired for your next room renovation. Check them out below:

Beach Coast Sunrise

Enhance your bedroom with this peaceful backdrop of the sun rising over a tropical beach, so you can start every morning feeling refreshed, and fall asleep dreaming of your favorite tropical beach destination. This serene wallpaper mural is perfect for beach lovers everywhere!

beach coast sunrise

Beach Scene in Michigan

Looking for a beach closer to home? This idyllic Michigan beach with a quaint lighthouse in the background will have you feeling warm and cozy. This removable wall mural will add an aesthetic appeal to any room in your house.

beach scene in michigan wallpaper mural

Manarola Coast, Italy

Bring the romantic coast of Italy to your home with this charming wall mural. This iconic city, Cinque Terre, is a show-stopping peel-and-stick wall mural that will certainly bring your walls to life and make any home glow!

manrola coast italy beach mural wallpaper

Wave Breaking in California

Ideal for living rooms or bedrooms, this aerial view of the California coast will take your breath away. Imagine the sound of the crashing waves in the comfort of your own home. This removable wall mural is guaranteed to amplify your living space!

wave break california beach wall mural wallpaper

Sunset on the Tropical River

This remarkable mural features a dramatic sunset over a tropical river. We all know the best part of the sunset is often after the sun has fallen below the horizon, and now you'll be able to enjoy this view whenever you want. This flawless wall mural is best for the kitchen or living room area, but can be placed in any room of your choice.

sunset over a lagoon wallpaper mural

Sunrise Surf Session

One of our favorites, the sunrise surf session wallpaper mural, is consistently on our bestsellers list. It's no surprise that people love this attractive mural. Hang it in your office and allow yourself to daydream to the last time you were on your surfboard, catching that perfect wave.

sunrise surf session beach and tropical wallpaper mural

Paradise Lagoon on Phi Phi Island

The beaches in Thailand are some of the most gorgeous beaches for taking a dip in warm waters. Bring the tropical weather to your home and choose your favorite wall to hang this peel-and-stick wall mural. Paradise will never feel out of reach again.


phi phi beach wallpaper murals

Maldives Beach View

If this isn't the most inviting view ever, we don't know what is! The vibrant blue skies contrasted with palm trees and clear waters are the definition of an epic beach vacation. Enjoy the lush tropical paradise without having to leave your home.

beach wallpaper tropical


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