10 Asian-Inspired Wall Murals to Create a Zen Interior

If you're looking to update the look of a room in your home, wall murals may be the perfect solution. Eazywallz offers wall murals with different application options, so you can find what works best for you. One of the best parts about getting a new wall mural is choosing your style. Asian styles are a favourite right now. They offer a zen, peaceful, and relaxing vibe that is sure to turn your home into a welcoming oasis. Here are some Asian-inspired options to consider. 

1. Inspired by the Kimono

Kimonos are a symbol of traditional Japanese culture. So if you're looking to bring Japanese inspiration into your home, look no further than the Japanese Kimono Wallpaper Mural. Neutral black and ivory is offset with a bold pop of red, in a beautiful foliage design. 

japense kimono wallpaper mural for a zen interior

2. Antique Styles

Vintage is never going out of style. With something like the Vintage Japanese Art Wall Mural, you'll enjoy two elegant cranes and a beautiful juxtaposition of bold colors. There is also a slightly weathered look to the wallpaper, catering to an antique aesthetic. 

 vintage japanese crane wallpaper mural

Japanese Vintage Wallpaper Murals


3. Tropical Oasis

Creating a sense of zen in your home can do wonders for your state of being. Find peace in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room with an Asian-inspired waterscape. For example, the Jungle Waterfall Oasis Mural Wallpaper showcases natural waterfalls, blue waters, and bright green trees.

landscape wallpaper mural for a zen interior
zen landscape wallpaper mural

4. Feathered Friends

An easy way to take yourself to another area of the world is by exploring other types of wildlife. Cranes are a sacred symbol in Asia, symbolizing good luck and eternal youth. You can display this concept in your home with the Japanese Red Crown Crane Wall Mural. Simplistic, yet quirky, this wallpaper brings personality into your living space.


japanese red crane vintage removable wallpaper mural

 wallpaper roll of japanese inspired zen wall murals

5. Japanese Architecture

Japan has some truly breathtaking architecture. You can enjoy beautiful designs with murals like the Kyoto, Japan Temple Wall Mural that highlights traditional Japanese architecture with a gorgeous scenic backdrop. 

japanese template tyoko wallpaper murals

japanese tokto architecture custom wall mural

6. Buddhist Touch

Buddha is a symbol of meditation and peace for many. You can explore the serenity of Buddhist monuments with the Black and White Buddha Statue Wall Mural. With a simple black-and-white design, it allows for a range of furniture and accessories.


buddha wallpaper mural

7. Florals From Asia

When it comes to zen murals, florals often top the list. Decorate your home with delicate florals from Asia, such as with the Plum Flower on Bamboo Mat Wall Mural. This piece combines soft florals with bamboo texture to create a comforting juxtaposition. 

floral bamboo wallpaper mural


8. Cultural Highlights

To fully embrace Asian culture through your wall art, you might consider something like the Vintage Japanese Characters Wall Mural. This piece shows actors from the 19th century with gorgeous Japanese textiles, popular color schemes, and an overall vintage-inspired look. 

 Japanese Wallpaper Mural

9. Spa-Inspired

Calm and relaxation are highlights of a spa experience. Transform your bathroom or meditation room into a spa getaway with the Spa Wet Stones Wall Mural. Smooth stones with fresh water droplets offer tranquility while a pink and white blossom petal suggests life and renewal. 

spa wet stones zen bathroom wall mural

10. Bamboo Forest 

Last but not least, bamboo is a well-known highlight across Asia that can bring nature into your living space. Explore options like the Bamboo Stalks Wall Mural that can help heighten the feel of your space with tall, narrow stalks featuring playful bamboo leaves. 

spa bamboo zen bathroom wall mural


There are numerous options when it comes to zen-style murals. Explore the options from Eazywallz and figure out what styles speak to you and the environment you're looking to create in your home. And if you need a little extra help, don't hesitate to reach out for questions and guidance.