It’s a sign! Constellations and Zodiac wall murals and wallpapers for a mystical room

What better way to create a sense of calm and tranquility in your home than with a sky-inspired wall mural. Whether it's a view of our planet, a look into the galaxy, or showcasing your zodiac sign, there are many different ways you can bring space into your home. Here are eight celestial themes for you to consider when decorating your space. 

1. Showcase Your Sign

Astrology has become more and more popular over the past year. You can learn more about your personality, what motivates you, and even how you decorate based on your sign. Showcase your love for astrology with zodiac wall murals, like the elegant Gemini Wall Mural or the Pisces Constellation Map in Navy Wall Mural

gemini wallpaper mural
pisces wallpaper mural

2. A Glimpse Into Space

The wonders of space can be truly awe-inspiring. Bring a sense of wonder into your home with space wallpaper. Check out the Deep Space Nebula Wall Mural and other nebula pieces to find the color scheme and pattern that best captures your attention. 

deep space nebula

3. Travel to Other Planets

Many people are intrigued by the concept of planets and life that we haven't yet encountered. Stimulate your imagination before bedtime by decorating your bedroom with a planetary wall mural. Highlight our own planet or explore extraterrestrial designs

view of earth wall mural

4. Vintage Astrology

Blend your love of classic decor and astrology with vintage-inspired zodiac wall murals.  Explore the Sunrise Aquarius Astrology Wall Mural, Sky Blue Virgo Astrology Wallpaper Mural, and other styles that match your sign. 

aquarius wall mural
virgo blue custom wall mural
astrology wallpaper murals

5.  Celestial Studies

If you're intrigued by all there is to learn about the stars, the sky, and constellations, you might renovate your room with the Dark Moon Phases Wall Mural or the Astrology Planisphere Wall Mural. The intricate patterns and text offer an elegant component to your office, library or study. 

astrology planishpere wallpaper mural

sark phases moon wallpaper mural for nursery

6. Space for Kids

Are you shopping for a toy room or child's bedroom? Amaze your aspiring astronaut with the Kids Spaceship Mural Wallpaper or help them memorize all of the planets with the Children's Galaxy Wall Mural

spaceship galaxy for kids wallpaper mural
kids galaxy wallpaper mural for bedroom

7. Celebrate Space Travel

Explore outer space from the comfort of your home by decorating with wall murals showing various aspects of space travel. From astronauts and space ships to exploring planet Mars, there are many different scenes to consider for your living space. 


astronauts wallpaper mural

8. Lunar Decor

When you think of the night sky, you picture stars and the moon. Lunar decor can foster a sense of calm and quiet in your home, which is particularly ideal for bedrooms and meditation rooms. If you have a room like this in mind, take a look at the Inverted Moon Wallpaper Mural and the Moon Phase Wall Mural

moon phases wallpaper mural for living space
inverted moon wallpaper mural


If you want to create peace and serenity in your home, consider a celestial theme. The moon, planets, constellations, and other galactic works of art can make for beautiful focal points in your living space. And if astrology interests you, consider displaying your sign with a detailed wall mural depicting gorgeous symbols and constellations. If you need help choosing which wall mural is best for you, contact EazyWallz today

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