Book Lockers

Redesigning school lockers

We've helped hundreds of schools create more attractive and more exciting hallways by covering their student lockers with fabulous designs.

Choose up to 200 Book Titles!

Start your book locker order below and choose from a selection of over 200 pre-made book titles!

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What do we print our book lockers on?

All our book lockers are printed on a 3M peel & stick vinyl, on top of which we apply a top coat laminate for extra durability.

3M™ PEEL & STICK VINYL is a white, polymeric vinyl with a permanent, grey solvent adhesive. This vinyl offers great versatility and is perfect for indoor and outdoor signs and fleet graphics. We coat this vinyl with a film laminate for extra thickness and durability, making it a great choice for commercial projects. Professional installation is recommended.

APPLICATION > Peel & stick

FINISH > Satin

THICKNESS > 6.0 mil

Download the installation instructions here


Unroll all panels and lay them flat on the floor, the printed side facing the ceiling. 

DO NOT install 3M Peel & Stick Vinyl on paints that are stain-resistant or washable. These paints are crafted to prevent self-adhesive materials from sticking. Other paints to avoid installing on are Low or No VOC paints, eco-friendly paints, easy to clean, washable or scrubbable paints. 


Note: Vinyl tends to stretch and panels won’t align properly if stretched. It is important to avoid the back of the vinyl to stick to itself.

Peel off the liner 3-6 inches only across the top of the first panel. Do not peel off the entire liner all at once! 

Align and stick the top of the panel to the top of your wall, along the ceiling line. This is the easiest place to start. Using a smoothing tool or squeegee, work from the center to the edge, then return to the center and work to the opposite edge. Use overlapping strokes while applying a small portion of the graphic at a time. Do not use too much pressure to avoid any scratches. 

Please use a plastic or cloth squeegee (4”-6” felt wrapped) when installing as using your hands only can create and leave bubbles (especially on texture surfaces.) Put good pressure on the material (especially on slightly textured walls) to help get the adhesive into those crevasses.

Peel off the rest of the panel by gradually and evenly pulling down the liner, a 4-6 inches at a time. We recommend having another person hold the bottom of the panel as you work your way down. 

Once the first panel is applied, and if necessary, remove any bubbles by gently pushing them outward 

with the squeegee.


Start by aligning Panel#2 to Panel#1. Your Vinyl wall mural comes with an overlap! The first 0.5” or 1” of Panel#2 will match the last 0.5” or 1” of Panel#1. Overlap Panel#2 onto Panel#1. Do not butt joint the panels! 

Follow STEP 1 above to apply the rest of Panel#2. Repeat the same process to apply all additional panels.


Once all panels have been applied, SLOWLY trim all the overage with a utility knife with a sharp blade (ie: Xacto knife). Follow the edges of your wall or ceiling to do so. You can also use a ruler to cut through a straight line. 

If needed, repeat this process to cut around outlets (if not removed prior to installation), fuse boxes, windows, doors, etc.


Slowly and gently pull the panels from the wall. Use your hand to gradually hold back the wall mural during this process. To make the removal process easier, you may use a heat source - such as a hair blower - to weaken the adhesive.