15 New Mind-Blowing Wallpaper & Wall Murals for your Home!

With so much wall mural clutter these days you never really find the new and exciting murals. The classic murals like the open forest ones play a huge part in falling in love with large-scale wall murals but where do you go from there? Unlike other popular wall mural sites that hardly add new stock, here at Eazywallz we like to upgrade our selection frequently. From new popular photographer photos to trending wall decor scenes, we like to add everything you are looking for. Our new selection of wall murals can be found in our New Wall Murals collection. We are always adding new stuff to our collections including wall murals, door murals, and also frequently releasing customer examples. To keep getting updates on what is new at Eazywallz Sign up to our newsletter!

Here is a couple of wall murals that we think will blow your mind!

Winter Landscape in Slovenia Wall Mural
Foggy Lumber Wall Mural
Greek Island Wall Murals
Greek Island Wall Murals
NYC skyline wall mural
Grunge Poster Wall Mural
Thailand wall mural
open forest wall mural
greaffiti art wall mural
London Skyline Wall Mural
aztec detail wall mural
Plants wall mural
Hong Kong cityscape wall mural
ship wreck wall mural
ecudor jungle wall mural