16 Removable wallpaper ideas for small spaces and renters

Removable Wallpaper is the one trick interior decoration experts use to transform the look and feel of any space. They bring in a blend of colorful wallpapers to induce character to a featureless space. 

Rented spaces and small rooms are challenging to decorate due to rental constraints. It is difficult to exert the look you want, as you aren’t even allowed to repaint the walls in some cases. Small spaces, on the other hand, leave very little room for decoration and this makes most spaces feel closed in and uninspiring.

Removable Wallpaper offers an excellent way to add life to your room without losing your deposit. It instantly transforms a room and enhances the ambiance around. We have gathered a list of wallpaper ideas suitable for rental and small spaces, and we will be sharing them below.

1. Grey Tones Everywhere

Grey wallpapers are perfect for any place. Wooden wallpaper reinvented in grey colors can be all that’s needed to add a finishing touch to any room. There’s not much drama with grey, just add it to an accent wall and it can turn a featureless room into a captivating home. Some recommendations include all of our black and white wallpaper murals, Concrete Texture wall murals, and grey wood wallpapers.


2. Forest murals in Small Spaces

Inspired by the fantastic jungle feel, the jungle wallpaper murals offer the same cool ambiance obtainable to your room. It also adds visual interest to plain walls better than most prints. If you are searching for a wallpaper to open up the small space and add depth, then it's an ideal pick.

Wall Murals wallpaper eazywallz

forest pine wallpaper mural

3. Vintage Looks

Think beyond expectations – turn your room into an instant attraction with an image from past events. Pictures of event or scenery don’t just make great wallpapers, but sparks curiosity in your visitors or customers. A wallpaper such as the vintage titan wallpaper mural and the Eiffel Tower mural adds a point of interest to a room and are a source of great conversations.

 Vintage Titans Wall Mural 

4. Floral Custom Wall Murals

Fine Art Wall Murals can change the feel of any room. It adds visual interest to any plain wall that transforms any conservative home set-up. A large scale art print covering a part of your room will add personality and bring a chic vibe to space. Bright colored wallpapers with clashing textures like the vintage still floral wallpaper mural will make your home look sophisticated and lively.

floral removable wallpaper and wall murals eazywallz

5. Map it out

You will be amazed at the effect map wallpaper can have in a room. Asides being an intriguing addition, it adds a visual appeal that attracts anyone who sees it. It ignites curiosity within us. There are a whole variety of peel and stick wallpaper maps to choose from including vintage, cartoon and world map wallpapers. 


6. Antique vibes

There’s always something interesting about the past. Modern decors are recycling of past styles with a classic touch of modernity. Simple antique wallpaper like the Sagittarius Constellation Map and the vintage Los Angeles street scene are the perfect choice to evoke an antique feel in a small room.


7. Pattern Splash

Patterns are one of the most popular removable wallpaper categories. Our popular Book One of the Odyssey Pattern Wall Mural feels both antique and contemporary; it adds a sense of sophistication to any small room. Use these peel and stick wallpaper ideas to make a statement and assert your creativity in any small space or apartment.


8. Bold Tropical

It's almost impossible not to find a tropical floral design in any interior design set up today. Floral designs are used everywhere, from beddings to window covers and furniture. They make great wallpapers that undeniably brings a natural and airy feel to your space. The natural parrot and hibiscus flower removable wall murals are an ideal option for a small room or rental.

9. A touch of Green

Green may not be the most favorite color, but it really brings a natural feel to your walls. Adding a little greenery to a room evokes a sense of calm and serenity. Exotic tropical leaves and banana leaf are some of the best removable wall murals to add a natural feel to your home. 

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10. Colorful Murals

Wall murals are one of the easiest ways to cheat your way through achieving the ideal look of your home. Removable murals remain the favorite decorations item for many top interior decorators. Wall murals are stylish and straightforward; it transforms boring walls into a head turner. It can also be updated quickly, and are perfect for adding a fun edge to your space. 


11. Woods on your walls

There’s hardly a complete interior décor done without wood. It fits in perfectly and adds a unique perspective to things. Decorating a room with awesome wood texture wallpaper like the Light wooden planks Wall Mural would lighten it up like the real thing!

wood planks wall mural

12. Modern Bliss 

Modern wallpapers are so stylish; it becomes hard to have a favorite. They define the overall styling of homes in this modern day. Punchy patterns, stunning floral, geometric styles are some of the best removable wallpaper to give your home that exclusive feel you have always wanted.

abstract wallpaper murals

13. Animal lovers

You don’t have to spend a fortune to show your love for animals. You can adorn your home with a beautifully designed animal wallpaper to add life to a moody room. While it may not be as radical as having ten dogs, it will bring a minimal feel to your small room.

wolves in the wild wallpaper removable wall mural peel and stick

14. Terrazzo style

Terrazzo has found its way back into the interior decor cycle; it has become a significant trend for wallpapers. Terrazzo removable wall murals are in high demand due to the class and sophistication it adds to the wall. If you need to instantly transform your walls or add a cool feature to your room, then a terrazzo wallpaper is your best bet. 

Wall Murals for businesses boardroom skyline eazywallz

15. Geometric Art

If you are hoping to add a subtle effect to your walls, then a geometric removable wallpaper that adds a new vibe would make a stylish choice. Just like most modern wallpapers, Geometric wallpapers are an ideal elegant edge to your space for a fraction of the cost. 

geometric wallpaper pattern wall murals easywalls eazywallz

16. Watercolor 

Watercolor paintings are a popular choice of wallpapers across the country and all over Europe. It creates a visual spark that spreads to brighten the room. Watercolor prints are captivating, pretty, colorful and bring a cool graphic effect to your home. The Blue Water Color Wave Mural are some nice watercolor wallpapers to add a finishing touch to your room. 

blue water color wave wallpaper mural

Conclusively, Improving the look of your home doesn't have to be difficult, whether it’s a rental or small spaced. You simply need to introduce a visual and matching wallpaper to add life to it.