A company boardroom could most easily be the most prominent room in the office. It is where decisions are made, ideas are created, and first impressions are crucial. What could be better than a highly detailed wall mural showcasing what the company is about? There are essential tips to stand by when designing your boardroom. Standby these tips and ideas and then create a wonderful mural depicting your vision as a company.


  1. First impressions are crucial for potential clients or whoever is important to you. You really want to leave them with a great first impression. Showcase something engaging but not so much that it is distracting. Choose a black and white mural to achieve this look. Check out our popular brooklyn bridge wall mural.
  2. If you use your boardroom as a brainstorming area, then choosing the right mural can determine a dull idea from a great one. With a lot of light in the boardroom, choose some fantastic geometric murals to see things from a different angle. 
  3. If you need a space to relax the mood in a high stressful environment, some of our Zen murals are a perfect fit. During a negotiation or any high stressful meeting, a green bamboo forest will mediate the stress and may be helpful with its gorgeous space.
  4. Depending on what type of company you are, you can add to your company’s image with a mural depicting of what the company stands by. If you’re in a faced-paced environment, choose a beautiful city skyline mural and if you’re in the Global economy business then take a look and these high-detailed Map wall murals showcasing the world.
  5. Another great idea can be quotes your company stands by or stands for. There are tons of quotes you can customize on our upload page or choose one of ours to motivate employees and show clients what your all about. Check out our wall murals with quotes and if any catch your eye!
  6. If you need colors to enhance the boardroom be careful of the color scheme because studies show 60% of the feelings about a place such as a conference room will be influenced by the colors you experience. Choose a cool blue or green mural to calm the room or pick a warmer colour mural to enhance creativity.


Use your imagination and our images to create the best boardroom possible. Eazywallz also custom uploads if you decide the just throw up your company logo or create a custom company collage. Everything is possible!


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