20 of the best wall murals in restaurants around the world!

20 of the best wall murals in restaurants around the world!

Decor plays a huge role in a restaurant's style whether it is a fancy franchise or a small budget place catering to a smaller audience. The wall mural will be the focal point as it tells the identity and the story of the restaurant's roots or history. Restaurant owners want to wow their customers when they walk in, create a beautiful decor and enhance their senses getting them ready for the amazing food you are about to present. You can create a place of escape with unique and beautifully styled walls using these large scales wallpaper murals.

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Here are the best 20 wall murals in restaurants we put together for you! Scroll down and check them out!

1. ICHI Sushi of Bernal Heights in San Francisco - Informative, simple, and funny. This wall mural painted by  showcases a beautiful and trendy look in this stylish sushi spot.

Mural installation by New Bohemia Signs and photographs by Patricia Chang.restaurant wall murals decor large wallpaper

2. Yeah! Burger in Virginia Highland - Right off the bat you could see this place is a kid friendly atmosphere. The cute and simple illustrations spread across the murals are inviting and interesting!  

yeah burger wall mural installation decor wallpaper

 Looking for something similar to these illustrated wall murals? Check out our illustrated wall mural collection for some cool looks! 

Retro Pop Comic Wall Mural from Eazywallz

3. Tuzo's is a newly opened burrito bar in the centre of Dublin Created by Steve Simpson - This beautifully created wall mural by Steve Simpson is just remarkable. The illustrations are one-of-a-kind and fits beautifully in the restaurant. You can't take your eyes off of it! 

4. Shed designed the London-based fried chicken eatery, Wishbone, located in Brixton’s indoor market. Check out all the mural images here - These murals created by Shed scream color and pop excitement into the restaurant. The typography is perfect and really fits well with the decor!


5. Grill'd: Illustration: Magic Sweater, Chris Wahl, Jumbo and James Jirat Patradoon Text and photography copyright of Fabio Ongarato Design - This wall to ceiling  wall covering of black and white illustrations are a perfect solution for a minimalistic feel with a unique look! 

6. Mera Hotel & Spa - Designed by Polish studio LOFT Magdalena AdamusThe large scale wall mural in this hotel restaurant provides a light and interesting feel that matches the decor. It's a perfect fit! 

Minimal Vintage Illustrated wall murals are a great look when used in the right way. Check out some of these authentic vintage Japanese prints that could work in your space!

Vintage Japanese Samurai Battle Wall Mural

japan illustrated wallpaper wall mural eazywallz

7. One Girl Cookies Mural, Dumbo, Brooklyn / Illustration: Aaron Meshon / Architect: Oliver Freundlich / APPLIED. This custom made 15 x 9 wall mural located in Brooklyn is a beautifully illustrated piece that matches everything inside and outside the store.

eazywallz easy walls vintage wall murals art home decor wallpaper retro  

8. MY BURGER - redesigned by Nick Smasal - This modern flat re-design by Nick fits perfectly with the rest of the decor. The flat illustrations are creative and fun and the mural is placed perfectly on accent walls throughout the restaurant!



9. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab at 300 East Grand Avenue in the East Village - Created by Ron Wagner  - This amazing concept in this burger bar brings real wood planks over an awesome zombie wall mural to create a one-of-a-kind look! 

ron wagner zombie wall mural

10. SUSHI GANSO in Brooklyn NYC - Mural by New York-based Japanese artist Momoyo Torimitsu - This amazing giant mural is simple, detailed, and matches the decor with a perfect fit. 

sushi wall mural

11. Blues & Burritos, Flagship in Dublin - Created by MAGMA designs. - This ultra wide wall mural spans across the whole wall and shouts colour throughout the restaurant. The vibrant images and messy look are perfect for the decor spread throughout!   

magma wall mural blues & burritos

12. Le Sizzle Restaurent - Art by Remoel Tolentino  - This cool pop art wall mural adds some interesting things to a large brick wall. 


13. Pop up Green house by Joost - The wall look in this pop up restaurant is beautifully created to spread across all walls with nice typography to create a fantastic look. The words might be painted on but you can achieve a similar look with a wall mural on white background. 

14. Harlem Food Bar - This wall mural in this local Harlem food bar shares its history and roots in a perfect vibrant colourful collage wall mural. 

15.  Bestia Kitchen & Bar - Mural by Tato Repetto  (urban artist known as Mr Hazëlnut). This wall mural is perfect for the decor as the large graffiti art styled wall mural spans across the restaurant. 

16. Boiler Bar - This huge wall mural of a sailor blends well with the dark sea theme of the restaurant. The painting is the main focal point and looks amazing! 

17. Jamie Oliver + Blacksheep - This beautiful restaurant showcases a recycled look on its interior decor which makes the ripped pages wall mural fit so well. The pop art and wallpaper patterns are a perfect match to inspire some colour within the decor. 


Torn poster wall murals are a popular choice to create a urban and artistic feel in any space. Eazywallz has a great selection of Torn Poster Wall murals in our Graffiti Section.

Layered Torn Posters Wall Mural 

18. El Catrin Restaurant - Distillery District, Toronto, ON - This beautifully crafted wall mural is the perfect look for this Mexican restaurant. The vintage looking Mexican pattern showcases what the restaurant is all about.

19. Byron Hamburgers created by Mr. Bingo - This amazing wall mural illustrated by the famous mr.bingo, showcases beautiful line art that provides character thought out the giant wall in this restaurant. 

20. Gerber's Malibu restaurant, Cafe Habana, - wall mural by contemporary street artist and graphic designer Shepard Fairey. - This grunge looking street all wall mural fits perfect with the decor of this trendy restaurant in cafe habana.