6 awesome skyline backdrops for your next home decor project

If you’re feeling that you are about to kick-off a new project before winter sets in, here are a couple of ideas to use If you feel cramped in your living space.

Cityscape Wall Murals are ideal for that purpose. In addition to providing a stylish and trendy look, the depth of field of these wall murals creates an amazing illusion of space and will add a third dimension to your walls. They are also a perfect solution to open up rooms without windows. Using these wall art backdrops, you can have any skyline you want from Honk Kong to Los Angeles!

If you are seeking a breathtaking and open feel to your room, check out a couple of these neat ideas to spark your interest. Skylines like Manhattan shot from the top of the Empire State Building will enlarge any room and blends well with most of your favorite home decor pieces.

If you’d rather transport yourself into the streets of your favorite city, look for wall murals that depict motion. The blur of car taillights, the glow of neon signs and the hustle of urban life are just a few examples of visual elements that will bring the excitement of a metropolitan inside your room. These point of views are seriously next level in terms of creating a unique space to show off to your next guests!

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NYC has to be the most well known skyline. With so many famous buildings and skyscrapers these wall art photos are the best for using a busy skyline for a backdrop. Tip: Put the skyline in Black and White for a good effect and to not take all the attention from your other decor art.

New York City Black and White Skyline Wall Mural


Yellow taxies in the center of Manhattan Wall Mural



This wonderful shot of the Chicago scene is a hot pick at eazywallz. The moving train over the river with the buildings behind is just fascinating. Also, the sepia color tone is settle and just works perfect with this wallpaper image.

Chicago Riverwalk Wall Mural



The colorful city of Los Angeles is a perfect backdrop for a summery inspired home. The image itself shines bright over the city scape and can be a great addition to light colored furniture like white and beige.  

Downtown Los Angeles Cityscape Wall Mural



Even though it is not a busy city with large skyscrapers or buldings, the view of the image just as good if not better. The reason? the vertical street lines of the wall image just eases your eyes up and down the wallpaper and it also offers the best black and white transition than any other photo.

Av. de la Grande Armee in Paris Wall Mural



Opposite of the other skylines, this skyline has to be the busiest. It offers a great monochromatic version of the city and also features the best depth perception on an image. The front part of the city is up close while the backdrop creates nice depth to the wall image and your room

Hong Kong Cityscape Wall Mural