5 Great Home Decor Tips with Removable Wallpaper and Wall Murals

There is nothing greater than coming home after a busy long day to a stress-free space. There are so many things you can change from furniture selection to decor layout but we got some great wall mural suggestions that will take your walls to that next level chill. If you are looking for ways to not only create a stunning look but make your living space stress-free than check out these tips below.

1. Color

Home design experts suggest using earth tones that are creamy and cool colors like green and blue to help make your space cool as a cucumber (which is green..)



Here is a cool color psychology grid from Coschedule that will help you choose the color that best suits your personality.


2. Texture

Using rustic or wood textures creates a relaxing feel according to some of the best interior decorators. Throw some faux wood panels on your wall to create that 'at my cottage, don't bother me' feel. Check out all our great textures in our collection.



3. Tones

Its always best to go with lighter tones to not create such a stressful and busy looking wall. The lighter tones will also be best to feature with other great home decor pieces that are already being displayed.



4. Scenery

The best tip we can give anyone that wants to create that tranquil get-a-way is the selection of image to showcase on your wall. If your looking to spend hours in your bathroom relaxing in the tub, check out our waterfall rain forests. If you are looking to do a relaxing reading room, check out the amazing wonders of our nature inspired wall murals.



5. Collage

Another great idea that was suggested was to put your family on your wall. The most important people of your life all one wall mural can be that relaxing factor that you need! Make your collage here.