5 Reasons to make it Monochrome

What’s black, white and chic all over…

According to the Oxford English definition, Monochrome means “consisting of or displaying images in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour”. In our opinion, however, the word emblematizes the limitless opportunity for interior designs and styles within a space.

Simple yet versatile, a monochromatic palette is guaranteed to add character and charm to your interior scheme. A classical print with timeless appeal, monochromatic wallpapers provide an array of patterns and themes to work with. Whether you are seeking a cushy contemporary contour in your home, gorgeous geometric shapes or bountiful botanical-inspired designs, monochrome appeals for all.

Even amongst those maximialists out there who dream of bold splashes of color beaming from each vertical corner and crevice of their home, the designs sheer versatility leaves it open to incorporation even within the brightest of home designs. To shed light on the major advantages of monochromatic designs, here’s our top 5 reasons for choosing monochrome in your home.

1 – Shape, Form, and Tone

Monochrome extenuates shape, form and tone of any wallpaper design...

Without the color in a photograph, we are left with images represented by their shape, form, and tone. This gives greater emphasis to the essential ingredients of an image, taking away distractions and helping keep the viewer's attention on what the photographer wants to communicate with the image.  Indeed, when viewers start to see shapes in the photograph as opposed to dormant objects, you open the door to endless creativity. 

Famous photography exploits the concept of shapes, forms and tones in order to bring the image to life and add instant mood and drama to a space. Take our Abstract Black & White Painting wall mural as an example, with the illusive shapes and lines instantly captivating your attention and distorting the shape of the image each time you look - perfect for any bedroom interior.


2 – Simplification

Monochrome lends itself well to photos where the maker wants to greatly simplify the subject.  Minimalistic images and abstracts are often well represented in monochrome.

But lest we confuse the notion of simplicity, as it is a hard concept to master. For more than a hundred years artists have used a single color as a vehicle for exploring both the potential and limitations of painting, using this reductive formula to experiment with formal concerns of composition and tonality. The tone is simple and effective, but generates a skillful and beautifully executed design. 

Presumably one of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of monochromatic designs is its ability to create a clean and simplified look, whilst still generating a dramatic effect. Our grunge black and white street wall mural is a particularly poignant representation of this, with the soft hues of black sharply standing out on a fairly simplistic white backdrop, drawing your attention to the intricacy of the design, for a clean and modernist overall aesthetic.


4 – Light

Monochrome also accentuates the concept of light and allows you to see properties such as highlights, shadows, intensity, direction, hardness, softness and so forth.

This quality is particularly important in any interior space, as light is the fundamental ingredient for defining the experience that we want to create. Dim and indirect lighting will create a more intimate space that encourages relaxation, while white and direct lighting activates our brains and allows us to see smaller details.

Additionally, monochrome provides ample opportunity to experiment with a variety of colors and tones for the room. For example, a traditional monochrome bedroom works really well mixed with the more muted shades of grey. Opting for a geometric monochrome wallpaper paired with a crisp white bedlinen and accessories is guaranteed to brighten up the space. 

Alternatively, It works well with other colors, whether a pop of bright pink, or neutral hue. You can always create the mood that you like with a monochrome decorating scheme.

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4 – Vintage Wallpaper

From Art Deco-inspired designs to 1960s modernism and minimalist trends from the 90s to modern-day, this decor is highly effective and has a timeless quality.

When we think of monochrome, we instantly have a connection to the past - equating this concept with historic or nostalgic memories and/or moments. Indeed, many ‘old’ subjects translate well in monochrome.

With this being said, it seems as if retro and vintage styles are making an iconic comeback, with many recapturing the styles from the 1950s - 1970s; ‘an age of modern discovery, with new innovative shapes and interior patterns’. It was all about boldness and monochrome best embodies that.

Vintage monochromatic wallpapers are truly having a moment, shredding their reputation as old-fashioned, with the design industry as a whole loosening up and embracing the nostalgia this type of wallpaper exudes. As Manhattan designer, Danielle Colding, gracefully articulates ‘everything that’s old is new again’. Take our vintage monochrome New York wall mural as an example, with the monochrome tones creating a timeless design of the iconic Big Apple, providing a distinctly urban feel to any room in the house.



5 – Flexibility

A monochrome design theme is also extremely flexible in terms of design, as it suits both male and female styles. Add extra interest to white walls with a large framed black-and-white print. Team this backdrop with a glossy black desk or furnishings and you have yourself a chic and modern interior that is suitable for both him and her to enjoy.



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