5 Stunning Grunge Looks to Style your Studio

Check out these great wall murals that will give a new and trendy look to your space.

Sometimes natural landscapes and beautiful forest lines don't really make it when trying to style a loft or studio. When dealing with exposed brick and cement walls, it might get tricky when you are trying to find ways to match these textures with great wall photos. Try to find wall murals that have minimal color but still feature some isolation colors that catch your eye. Here are some great mural ideas that will fit perfectly with your loft decor look.


Torn Posters

This grunge look is great with brick or cement walls. The feature of torn advertisements make it seem like you are walking in the streets! Torn Poster wall murals also add some color along with some texture to your grey surroundings. Match the colors of the ads in the posters to some of your great home decor pieces for a great look!





Using graffiti with cement walls is just a match made in heaven. The grunge look of interior graffiti with cement works really well when the graffiti is neat and organized (yes..we know this is not how graffiti is suppose to be). Choose a graffiti image that has less text and more illustrations that make your eyes move from one wall to another.






If you don't have access to exposed brick or other textures to style your home you can always create your own. Check out these textured wall murals that will enhance your walls into looking like a real loft. There are also great brick walls that have some words on it to complement your look and add more detail!






Anything rustic and vintage looks good when trying to achieve that industrial look. Using vintage images is a great way to catch peoples eye while adding substance and quality to your walls. Try avoiding colorful vintage images and sticking with sepia or black and white colors to better blend with your look.