7 Different ways to use wall decals to upgrade your home decor!

Although decals adhere to flat surfaces, there is no need to limit them to walls. As long as you have a flat dry surface, anything is fair game. Read on to get inspired with these 7 different ways you can use wall murals to upgrade almost anything!

Stair Risers

If you need to add something unique and modern to your old stairs, try a couple strips of wallpaper. You can add a visual to every step to create a cool continuous look as you go up the stairs. Use some inspiring quotes or a quirky pattern to liven it up.


Looking for more Ideas? Check out Dishfunctional Design for more inspiration on stairs! 


Decals add a different look to any room without crowding the space too much. If you are looking for something inexpensive to display behind the bed, why not use an awesome decal? Not only do they save space, using decals as headboards can easily be removed and placed somewhere else just as easy as the bed itself. 

head board imageUse a wood plank table top for this cool look. 

Wild Yellow Flower Tabletop WrapUse something floral to get a cool back drop look. 

Wall Decals

Unlike full large scale wallpaper or massive wall murals, wall decals are small and can add something special to any wall. They are easy to install and can be placed in multiple spots to cover more space if needed. Here are a couple of cool decal examples. 

Check out how Paper Riot used just one arrow wall decal to dress up almost anything! 


If you need to upgrade your old antique looking dresser to something more modern, apply some wall stickers to drawers to create a cool new look. 

Check out  HGTV's How-To: Customize a Simple Dresser With Decals for more ideas! 

Kitchen Cabinets

It could get boring looking at the same kitchen cabinets every day. If you don't have enough space for a large scale wall mural then dressing up your cabinets with a simple look is the way to go!

Check out how Eazywallz murals revamped an old kitchen on "Sick Kitchens". Nadia G shows just how customizable any one of our wall murals can be when she places them on cabinets!


Looking for other ways to add our wall murals to your home? Here is our collection of door murals and table top stickers