Bathroom Wall Mural Ideas

There’s more to the bathroomthan we might give it credit for.

The bathroom is a place that we can find solitude from the stresses of everyday life, making it more than just a ‘room’ in your home. It’s a sacred space and often the perfect breeding ground for cultivating ideas or rehearsing for big presentations and job interviews. With this being said, it needs to provide the right ambience to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Additionally, interior design enthusiasts have stressed how a bathroom's composition can play a major role in setting the tone for the rest of the home. Indeed, incorporating the ideal bathroom design with wallpaper, artwork and accessories ensures that you can maintain a seamless interior that expresses your personality and design aesthetic.

For all the reasons listed above as to what makes the bathroom so important, creating your own personal space, or oasis, is a major reason why people decide it is time to remodel or update their bathrooms.

In light of this, we have collated a list of wall murals that will transform your bathroom into the sacred sanctuary that you will cherish forever...

Botanical Bathroom Wall Murals...

As aforementioned, the bathroom is a ‘sacred place’ for the mind and body. Thus, incorporating fresh and natural wallpapers is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere within the bathroom. Botanical themed wall murals, a trending 2020 interior design, is the perfect example of this, as it reflects the calm and soothing beauty of nature within the room. Whether you prefer subtle tones of jungle-themed leaves or bold leafy patterns - botanical themed wall murals give you a refreshing glimpse of the great outdoors. It also presents the perfect opportunity to add real life plants within the room itself, generating depth and drama to this sacred space.

bathroom wall mural

Effortlessly create the perfect escape in your own home with our botanical wallpaper, available in a range of colours and designs, giving you the ability to transform your space into an elegant and revitalising abode.

Pink Bathroom Wall Murals...

How about creating a feminine spa bathroom with pink wallpaper?

When redecorating your bathroom, traditional paints or tiles are your typical go to interior options, usually in either a white, blue or grey shade. However, Wallpaper, particularly infused with pink, is often left on the shelf to be forgotten about.

Pink is a perfect way of splashing a fresh, feminine touch within your bathroom. It is widely regarded that pink represents compassion, nurturing and love - all fundamental assets for a pampering bathroom setting.

bathroom wall mural image

Although, unlike the classic bathroom shades, pink is not only calming, but also a fun way to liven up any small bathroom without being too overpowering. It contains the passion and power of red, softened with the purity and softness of white. Take our Coral splash wallpaper mural for example, which has bold textiles to infuse a pop of energy in the bathroom, yet the soft shades and calming hues from the lighter tones of pink keep it subtle and feminine. This can be cleverly complemented with some traditional blue textures and accessories prototypical of a bathroom setting.

Bold Bathroom Wall Murals...

Conversely, bathrooms can also be the perfect place to introduce bold and dark wall murals to create a bathroom decor that will create instant drama.

Indeed, Injecting dark black or brown colours within your wall murals creates a mood of intimacy and warmth within the bathroom, emlematising that of a softly-lit spa-like environment; and who wouldn’t want that as a bathroom design?

bathroom wall mural

Our wallpaper collection such as the black marble wall mural or black palms wallpaper, infuses black marble and dark floral designs - bringing an element of luxury and uniqueness to your bathroom walls.

marble black wallpaper mural


Interior tip: Don’t be afraid of wall murals in your bathroom...

When decorating your bathroom, people are scared to incorporate wall murals. At Eazywallz, we believe they are the perfect piece of interior decor to liven up the room and create a

soothing and stylish ambience. They have the ability of creating intrigue and are the perfect statement piece to showcase your interior prowess!

Be daring with designs or incorporate pieces that can emulate a sophisticated feel that reflects your personal style. Be daring with bold, dark patterns, or alternatively, incorporate botanical artwork to create a refreshing indoor ibis. The choices are endless.

For a range of wall murals that will suit your individual style and decor needs, shop our collections today or give our friendly team a call today!