Bathroom Wall Mural Ideas and Tips from Across the Globe

bathroom wall mural floral idea wallpaper

Turn your bathroom into a living space simply by adding a bathroom wall mural. Bathroom renovations are extremely popular right now, as they add value and character to your home.

Research from property giant Zillow found that mid-range bathroom remodels add $1.71 in resale value per dollar spent. That’s not all. Vox reports that the popularity of bathroom Instagram selfies is also prompting businesses, especially restaurants, to spend on renovating their restrooms.

The good news is that wall murals are a low cost but high impact solution homeowners and businesses can turn to. A bathroom wall mural is an inexpensive, but when executed properly, a value-adding renovation project which can transform your bathroom profoundly.

With that in mind here are some of the best bathroom wall mural ideas inspired by different trends from around the world:

bathroom wall mural landscape


Landscape murals are perfect for small bathrooms as they allow the eyes to wander and create a wider space.

The revival of Japanese Onsen and bathhouse murals has led to various artists’ creating renditions of Mt. Fuji for bathhouses across the country. Hand-painted murals help people who use the bathhouses to visualize a direct connection with nature. Bathhouse murals use bright colors, including white and blue, which will give your bathroom a tranquil vibe. Bathrooms with natural light sources are the best candidates for landscape murals. 

dock on lake wall mural bathroom idea wallpaper


3D and interactive murals have been dominating the Australian street art scene, and this is something that can be easily transferred to a bathroom. Like the above photo, homeowners that incorporate 3D murals often include digital photographs or paintings that make contemporary walls look alive.

Ocean waves and beaches (of course being Australia) are popular. If you plan to integrate 3D designs, however, it’s best if it complements your bathroom amenities so that it looks seamless and not too chaotic. Also, you might want to think about including the ceiling to turn your bathroom into a whole new experience. 

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bathroom pier wall mural wallpaper

dark floral bathroom wall mural idea removable wallpaper

Dark Vintage Floral

Wall murals with huge floral designs in contrast to a dark background are all the rage in the UK. The Guardian outlines how this trend came from the fashion industry, but as the above photo shows it has now also blossomed to become popular for bathroom wall murals.

Big and bold summery flowers that take up the whole wall compliment petite vanities while the dark colors go well with more industrial materials.

One thing to take note of, though, when installing a bathroom mural is to be aware of the location of your pipes and plumbing. British plumbing company HomeServe suggest to their 1.8 million customers that they get regular maintenance checks to ensure that their plumbing and drainage are working efficiently.

Getting professional advice is even more important before making any major renovations. You don’t want to install a mural only to find it is blocking access to your plumbing, as this would be a costly error.

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abstract bathroom wall mural idea


Sofia-based studio Gemelli Design in Bulgaria are pioneers in bathroom concepts that integrate geometric designs into a functional space.

Geometric designs have become a rising trend in European bathroom murals. Mossy tones and pastel colors soften the bold lines and angles of geometry, giving your bathroom the vibrant yet calming effect of the patterns.

Geometric patterns also work well with the monochromatic designs of your vanities. If you are thinking of creating a bathroom mural, hopefully, these ideas from around the world have inspired you.

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