EAZYWALLZ FOR EVENTS | How to leverage your event space!

Special events and conferences present a ripe opportunity to help you reach your sales, marketing, and branding goals. If you have limited yourself to basic signs pointing to where to find the loo, you could be missing out on opportunities to tell your brand story and even drive results for sponsorship.

Event dressing is a must for facilitating a memorable guest experience; however, if executed with cutting-edge creativity, it can also inspire your attendees to take actions, like engaging with a new product or sharing compelling photos to their social media networks to help spread the buzz.



Instead of sticking a sign or graphic to the wall to indicate a check-in or reception area, create a barrier wall that smoothly displays your directional messaging or branding information. Think about placing these in high-traffic areas where guest might be waiting in line to take advantage of additional communication time with your attendees.

eazywallz events wallpaper wall murals removable sign




Proudly display your sponsors where your guests can see them! Why not consider this an opportunity for leveraging more sponsorships by turning it into a branding opportunity? Upsell your sponsorships with a prime position on the Sponsor Wall that corresponds to the sponsorship level.

eazywallz events wallpaper mural sponsor wall



If your event space has large concrete pillars around, consider these an additional space for communicating. Use our removable wallpaper murals to easily curve around pillars and create branded surfaces to engage with your event concept.

pillar wrap



Tabletops offer highly visible spaces to display your event signage and brand. Consider a dining table dressed in your brand’s signature colours, materials or product-related features.

table top wraps eazywallz custom wall murals

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If there are stairs at your event venue, you can use them in a creative way to enhance your brand storytelling, in addition to telling guests where they need to go. Wrap each individual stair to create a message running up or down the stairs, or go ahead and wrap the entire staircase with a single stair mural image that comes together when viewed from the bottom of the steps. This is also a great place to add your social handles and dedicated event hashtag, since it’s an enticing photo opportunity for your guests.

stair wrap wallpaper wall murals for stairs prints eazywallz




Use our removable wallpaper to create a branded backdrop for guests to take photos against. You can place them back onto their original backing, roll them up, and use them for your next event.

step and repeat wallpaper custom wall mural eazywallz events

Eazywallz sponsorship of a press event in Toronto, Canada (2018)



Enhance your brand story with a photo wall that highlights your brand’s history, key events, hero products or staff members. This is an efficient way to show the faces behind your organization and introduce a human aspect that drives trust and loyalty, according to customers. Submit your photos to us and we’ll create a custom photo wall design for your next event at no additional cost. 

custom wall collage wallpaper



Start communicating with your audience the moment they literally walk through the door! If there is an elevator at the location, you can begin introducing them into your brand universe while they wait for its arrival. Opt for interior elevator paneling to communicate key information pertaining to your product or specific event.

elevator decals wallpaper eazywallz



Flower walls and green walls are hot event trends, but can cost a fortune in florist fees to bring to life. Choose from a wide array of high-definition floral and foliage patterns or let us create one for you. Your guests will love to be photographed against them and you can add your logo and dedicated hashtag to incite more photo uploads to the social networks.

wall mural custom flower wallpaper removable events

Rose Bouquet Wall Mural 



Windows and mirrors present significant opportunities for enhancing your branding and messaging strategy. In addition to offering perfectly smooth surfaces which are prime candidates for wall dressing application, they are also areas where people’s eyes are naturally drawn. Try adding your logo or some text onto a window to truly personalize your space. Pro Tip: Adding your logo and dedicated event hashtag to an eye level mirror incites selfies and photo shares onto the social networks, which can in turn amplify your message to levels you’d never expect!

window decals eazywallz wallpaper wall murals

Custom window decals in a café

window decals eazywallz wallpaper wall murals

Window Decals at a Press Event in Toronto, Canada (2018)


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