Bring the Outdoors In With Our Top 3 Bird Wallpaper Designs

Charming and timeless, since their first inception in the late 16th century, bird wallpaper has become an extremely popular print among consumers. The idea of birds on wallpapers was first introduced to the western world by Chinese artists, who inaugurated designs and drawings of birds for individuals to gallantly hang upon their walls to splash sophistication and beauty within their interiors.

As with anything in life, fashion and style has come full circle and these much loved designs are still extremely revered by interior enthusiasts and daring decorators alike; all of which have fully embraced the notion of bringing the ‘outdoors in’ during 2020 and 2021.

True to form, bird wallpapers have been breaking the stigma that animal designs don’t just belong in a child's bedroom and can be used as a slick fashionable statement in any space, providing you choose the right design. Spring is also right around the corner, making it the perfect time to give your kitchen, lounge, bedroom or even bathroom a touch up with a design that can bring the outdoors to your home.

Whether you’re always looking for the next brightest maximalist print or you’ve held steadfast to your affinity for minimalism, there’s a way to make this bird wallpaper trend work for you. The space you're working with is also insignificant—even the smallest New York City apartments can benefit from a little exterior influence. Below, you’ll find a myriad of ways to turn your indoor space into an ode to outdoor oases and embrace all nature has to offer with our bird wallpaper designs. We have provided a little interior design inspiration below from our birds of America collection. 

American Crossbill Birds Wallpaper

Flocks of birds returning home is the first signal that spring is upon us.

For a cosy, country-inspired theme in a kitchen, lounge or bedroom area our American crossbill bird wallpaper is a desirable choice.

top 3 bird wallpaper designs crossbill

American crossbills are a species of birds native to Maine and British provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, renowned for their gentle and social nature. Typically composed of several families, these social birds are unsuspecting of nearby beings and are thus easily approached by humans.

top 3 bird wallpaper designs

Given their strong affiliation with New England, they automatically create a sentimentalism of an untouched, dramatic and soul-stirring countryside scenario. Depictions of these beautiful birds instantly draws you to the smell of brine and pine needles, moss and wood fires (depending on the season) and thus a welcomed breath of fresh air in any interior space.

top 3 bird wallpaper designs

Earthy hues of green, brown, deep red and yellow are all reminiscent of the American crossbill, which stand out in front of the white backdrop seen in this iconic wallpaper design. The benefits of this biophilic sketch reflecting the outdoors is ideal for creating a relaxed or invigorating space. As spoken extensively in our design tips and ideas posts, opting for green and brown shades has the benefit of aiding the balance of the body, which can help your heart, soothes emotions, and triggers a sense of comfort and serenity. As Wassily Kandinsky stipulates, “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”, making this piece desirable for any home-owners who want to create a calming ibis.

Vintage Flamingo Painting Wall Mural 

As aforementioned, nature-inspired fashion and interior design have welcomed with open-arms the outdoor environment, with many moving to a more tropical climate (as expressed in our botanical blog). With this in mind, it seems the pink flamingo has made a huge contribution to such a trend.

pink flamingo wall mural

This bold, beautiful and gallant bird has captured the hearts of many in 2020/21, with its depictions plastered across the wallpaper of a plethora of interior stores and magazines and, as such, consumers homes.

What you may not realize is that there is much sentimentality with the flamingo and the US in general, making this return that bit more special.

pink flamingo wallpaper

Since its first inception within the interior space in the 1950s, the pink flamingo has been an immediate hit amongst the homes of many US citizens, who could pick up a flamingo at the store and come home with a piece of tropical elegance under their arm to change their excitement within their homes.

Despite a turbulent journey for this iconic bird - transitioning from beloved household accessory in the 50s to hated plastic commodity in the 60s, to an icon embraced by the Pop art culture, casinos and bars in the 80s. The strong sentiment held for this bird by Americans is so telling that even the governor of Massachusetts honored the plastic bird by proclaiming it ‘an essential contribution to American folk art’

Now, the flamingo has been rediscovered by the fashion and design industry. The pink flamingo is once again in its grace and is definitely one of the recognisable worldwide design brands.

Row of bird in blue wall mural

Birds and babies go hand in hand. Indeed, birds with their vibrant colours as well as their cute and fluffy exterior bring a unique charm to any child's room. 


Due to their diversity, they can appeal to both a minimalist and maximalist interior scheme and are non-gender specific, making them a design must-have in many childrens bedrooms.

baby blue birds wallpaper

As Carolyn Feder from Sensory Interior design stipulates, a child's bedroom is ‘a space they should love spending time in and a place where they feel safe’, particularly as they drift off to sleep and arise in the morning. Bearing this in mind is important when decorating a child’s room in order to create a soothing and safe space.

row of birds wallpaper

As such, the notion of ‘bringing the outside in’ has been a particularly largely accepted theme in many interiors for children's spaces, due to its ability to induce feelings of calmness. I guess this notion is more important than ever as they spend more time than necessary in doors in recent months. Using motifs like trees, plants and animals can thus stimulate the imagination and contribute to storytelling in a children’s bedroom decor, bringing the outside world to them and inciting both feelings of adventure synonymous with nature, yet the cute friendly bird patterns and palettes are still soothing enough to create the perfect ambience when they settle down to sleep.