Cozy Nurseries: 5 Cute Wall Murals for a Fun & Playful Space

Create an imaginative and creative wall in your children's space or in your brand new nursery with extraordinary colorful wall murals. Fill the white walls with vibrant colors and energy with hand drawn illustrations ranging from removable kid's wallpaper murals to airy and light pink tropics.  It's easier than ever to transform your nursery into something inspiring and make it a room worth the wait. Our Children's wall murals are also removable and easy to install so when your child grows you can switch up the theme.

Here are 5 cozy nursery wall murals that will create a fun and playful space in any color. Whether you are a minimalist or love to maximize your space, we have the perfect wall murals for any space.

1. Pink Banana Leaves Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Perfect for a little girl's room, this pink tropical paradise will create an adventurous feeling. Discover the jungle leaves with this peel and stick wallpaper full of color and style. The hand drawn elements with a bright pink outline is perfect for a tropical princess. 

pink palm banana leaves wallpaper

pink palm hand drawn banana leaves wall murals

pinkpink palm hand drawn banana leaves mural wallpaper

2. Kids Animal Map

Let this interactive map educate your toddler or even place it in a nursery to create a future explorer space. The bright colors and cute illustrations of worldwide animals is a perfect fit for a bohemian and a contemporary room theme. Customize the Wall Mural to fit perfect behind a bed or crib.


kdis world map wallpaper mural

kdis world map wallpaper mural

3. Bubble Gum Jungle Toile

Like the Banana Leaves Removable wallpaper mural, our bubble gum jungle toile is a perfect wall mural for a little nursery. The fun and playful peel and stick wall mural features swinging monkeys and boho pam trees to complete a perfect baby tropical paradise. 

bubble gum tropical jungle toile removable wallpaper mural

bubble gum tropical jungle toile removable wallpaper mural

bubble gum tropical jungle toile removable wallpaper mural

4. Rainbow Alphabet Mural Wallpaper

When learning and home design come together for kids it creates a fun and educational piece of art. Our rainbow alphabet peel and stick mural wallpaper features bright colors with a water color touch. This wallpaper is perfect for a contemporary and modern nursery or toddlers room.

rainbow alphabet wallpaper mural

rainbow alphabet wallpaper mural


5. Citrus Twist Color Block 

Inject some water color into a small space to make the room pop with flavour. The citrus color block is a perfect choice to brighten up a nursery or toddlers room. The Removable Wallpaper features bright oranges and vibrant yellows. Shop our other color blocks to match your theme.


color block peel and stick ombre gradient wall murals