Escape into nature with Scenic & Landscape Murals

There are many landscapes around the world that make your heart skip a beat. Images of your favourite place can elicit fond memories or simply make it onto your bucket list of places to visit.

Whether it’s a place you visited or a country you can only dream about, placing a scenic and landscape wall mural in your home is the perfect solution.

When you are deciding to travel somewhere images play a significant role in determining you’ll venture to next. The beautiful blue sky, the crystal clear waters, or the perfectly symmetrical mountain ranges charms many people who want to take the next flight there.

scenic landscape wallpaper mural


Mind-Blowing Mystic Forests

To set a mood or tone within your home a mystic forest landscape wall mural would complement a contemporary home with gray and wooden furniture. The green hues for the trees and the misty fog cascading through the trees will set a relaxing environment in the room you decide to place this wallpaper. Why not add a pop of color with yellow cushions or embellishments to follow Pantone’s color of the year?


forest wallpaper murals

The autumnal aesthetic for a pop of color

If you enjoy incorporating different color schemes in the various rooms within your home, the autumn forest landscape wall mural creates a fantastic statement piece. The varying orange colors from the autumn leaves and the bright burnt orange sun piercing through the trees create a hazed glow, warming up any room with this wallpaper.


autumn forest wallpaper murals


Escaping into nature is a great way to disconnect from the outside world, with many incredible landscapes to explore. If you are after a more simple, natural, and minimalist aesthetic, this wallpaper would make a fantastic addition as a centerpiece in your dining room or as a statement wall in your bedroom. This way you can escape into nature in the comfort of your own home.

 forest wallpaper murals

The mountains are calling...

Scenic panoramic views are enough to make anyone want to explore the great outdoors. Panoramic mountain range wall mural gives transcendent purple hues, rising over the misty mountains and making this panoramic landscape the perfect backdrop for any dining room or living area.

mountain wallpaper murals  

Using some glitzy and teal embellishments will really make this wallpaper pop. Mirrored cabinets and trinkets will make the colors pop and create a colorful backdrop. In addition to this, if you are interested in more neutral tones for your living space then a mountain wallpaper will add a great focal point to your room.


mountain wallpaper mural and wall murals

Life is better by the sea

If you’re dreaming of a summer sunset over the crystal clear waters of your favorite beach holiday destination. Look no further than an Eazywallz sunrise over sea panoramic wall mural. It is the perfect way to add some nautical vibes to your home.


seascape wallpaper murals

Alternatively, you could incorporate an aerial view of the beach seashore into your home. This would be the perfect backdrop if you followed a neutral tone and a scandi style interior. This bright and light wall mural is perfect for a contemporary home or if you have the luxury of a home by the sea why not include this beautiful wallpaper to compliment your location.


sea landscape wallpaper murals


Design your Interiors with Lovely Landscape Murals

The beauty of nature never gets old.

Eazywallz design wallpapers are custom made with uncompromising attention and quality to detail. To incorporate the spellbinding beauty of scenic landscapes into your home, contact Eazywallz today to see how we can help you!