Fall Colour Trends 2020

As the saying goes, ‘seasons come and go’, and with them are some unique and beautiful color trends that have the capability of transforming interior spaces. 

This year's trending fall colors for the 2020 season are inspired by the fashion world, each bringing with them their own unique style - which can be paired with beautiful interior accessories and designs. Whether it be hues of sparkling champagne, bold mango textures or daring dark reds, there seems to be a recurring theme of warming tones that will entice you to stay indoors and admire your room transformation.

With this in mind, here are some of the upcoming colour trends of 2020..



“A Toast to Champagne”.

Those grey tones and textures that have dominated the interior design world for the past decade are being replaced with its more natural and warmer counterpart; champagne. This transformation is a notion Helena Horton, interior design enthusiast, has labelled as ‘beige is the new grey’. However, this time with a more contemporary and luxurious twist in a champagne palette.


Why is Champagne so popular?

Champagne has been dominating the interior design world for a number of years now, but the question is, why? Many interior enthusiasts attribute this popular color palette as a happy medium to both beige and grey. However, unlike the one tone typical of those colors, champagne infuses metallic tones and textures - both of which incorporate gold and silver tones.


Interior writer, blogger and stylish Cate St Hill nicely summarises the diversity of champagne colors, depicting it as a softer and naturalistic color that comprises a spectrum of off-whites, sandy hues, camel tones, taupe, milky creams, biscuit shades and oatmeal. 

Indeed, Champagne is often regarded as dependable and conservatory, yet we think otherwise. This trending colour adds an earthy touch to interiors and creates a calming environment, perfect for the fall season. You can also pair champagne with bold textures and materials if you want to add interest to a room. It provides freedom when designing your home, enabling you to play around with metallic accessories such as gold and silver, adding sparkle and sophistication to a dull space.

White Gold Abstract Twin Faces Wall Mural

Take our White gold abstract twin faces wall murals for example. On a champagne backdrop, this wallpaper contains hints of gold to create a relaxed tone of unstated elegance.



Are you ready to set the mood for tranquility?

A Juicy exotic fruit is exciting in its own right, but particularly when we are referring to this color from an interiors perspective.

Mango is regarded as the color of desire and sensuality – a bold color capable of bringing the sensation of heat, and above all increasing the feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Mango is truly a color which emblematises that of fall - so there really is no surprise that this tone is trending for the 2020 season. It also best encapsulates the feeling of warm sunsets and fires - making it that more enticing to stay indoors and cosy up in your new interior space. 

Mango also screams energy and fun! Like most bold colours, Mango can be incorporated as an accent colour for wall papers, paints and wall murals to brighten up the space. It doesn’t even need to be the main color theme for a room, as a little can go a long way. However, a room isn’t complete without leaving your own colourful mark on it and Mango tones do exactly that. Incorporating this bold tone behind a dark or bright backdrop can provide that pop of color, which has the capability of highlighting architectural details and lends personality to an otherwise neutral space.  It can also be used to accessorize a room - cushions, throws, armchairs - anything goes!

Our floral des paradis is the perfect example of this, with the wallpaper's bold mango hues integrated behind the white backdrop, adding a little zing to the wallpaper - tapping into this continued trend of chic minimalism. Opting for neutral tones with a tint of mango-inspired colors creates a striking, bold and impactful design.


Dark Red

Dark red colors bring drama, energy and passion into modern interior design spaces. It is a classic and timeless shade that continues to dominate the lists as the most in-demand tone, a notion substantiated by Sherwin-Willians who labelled ‘Cavern Clay’ as the color of the year in 2019. And we have no doubt different shades of red will continue to remain popular throughout the 2020 fall season.  

Similar to Mango, dark reds add sophistication and warmth to any room. Historically depicted as the color of romance and love, red is also known to speed up your metabolism, heighting one’s senses and exuding feelings of dynamism and passion. The one thing this color certainly isn’t is boring!

You can use it as an accent color or as a predominant color. It can also easily be combined with other tints or shades of red to create a beautiful atmosphere. Take our dark red floral wallpaper as an example. The bright splashes of dark red certainly arrests attention. Yet, patterned with the neutral browns presents a soft overall look, ideal for a primary bedroom.

Dark red for a kitchen? Dark red and kitchen interiors typically go hand-in-hand, with red renowned for stimulating appetites and evoking a passion for food and cooking. Take our chinese lantern artwork as primary evidence, with the intricate lanterns set behind the red backdrop as a focal point for a showstopper design. Pair this with light wooden accessories to create a rustic ambience for your kitchen interiors. 

Finding a balance between trendy and bold colors for your interior transformations has never been easy, with an assortment of captivating colors and designs available. Here at Eazywallz, we have a range of wall murals and wallpapers that will inspire you to re-decorate your interiors for the new fall season.