From Bauhaus To Your House!

100 Years Of Bauhaus Celebrated With Eazywallz Wall Murals

A century ago, the Bauhaus movement revolutionized modern art by bringing new ideas about design into contact with everyday life. Growing out of an art and crafts school led by Gropius, the movement continued even after the Nazis shut down his schools.

In German, "Hausbau" is the word for construction, literally "building of house." Inspired by medieval craft guilds, Gropius flipped the two syllables, so his school was named "house of building."

The simple lines and abstract shapes characteristic of Bauhaus design became the foundation of much that followed in art, architecture, and interior design. 

Bauhaus wall murals and wallpaper eazywallz

Today this extraordinary movement of visual creativity can come to life in your own home, with easy-to-install Bauhaus wall murals and removable wallpaper from Eazywallz.

Bauhaus wall murals and wallpaper eazywallz

Artworks featured in this collection include Paul Klee's whimsical "Red Balloon," Wassily Kandinsky's attention-getting "Yellow-Red-Blue," and Walter Gropius' classic Bauhaus Building in Dessau, Germany.


An eye-catching wall mural such as these can brighten a dull space and inspire you and your guests with a sense of adventure. Combine them with steel-and-leather chairs, nesting tables, and spherical lamps for a period look, or decorate with 21st-century pieces in neutral colors to let the art take center stage.

Bauhaus wall murals and wallpaper eazywallz

We have curated a collection of Bauhaus inspired wall mural art here. 

This versatile removable wallpaper and peel and stick wall murals can be used in any environment. It works great in office buildings, home office spaces, and business-related spaces. 

wall murals bauhaus wallpaper eazywallz

Our easy to install wall murals and wallpaper make it a cost-effective approach to adding decor to any space. 

Customizable, eye-catching, transformative wall murals bring life to a workplace that has already brought your vision to life. This will not only be a step in the right direction for your physical workspace and employee productivity; this plays to the customer's need for aesthetics. EazyWallz wall murals for businesses are a well-rounded winner.