8 easy ways to spruce up your home decor with removable wallpaper

The past years have seen an increase in the use of peel and stick wallpapers. Its versatility and ability to bring sparkle and instant personality to any space are few of the many reasons for its continuous trend.

Despite it’s across the board usage, some people still have difficulty integrating wallpapers into their interior designs. There those who feel removable wallpaper are hard to put up and the others who are wary of being too daring with their decorations. 

If you fall into any of this category, then you need to see the list below on our 8 easy ways to spruce up your home decor! 

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1. Cover a part of your walls

Having a wall mural can add unique dimension and personality to any room. But you don’t necessarily need to add great wallpapers to every vacant wall in your home.

If you are scared of committing wallpapers in your home, then covering only a part of your room would be an exceptional way to make it interesting.

Place the wallpaper on the most visual part of the room, so it can better affect the ambiance of the room. Patterns, floral, wood, etc. makes the best standalone removable wall murals. 

An accent wall with a wall mural would be an amazing look also!  

accent wallpaper and wall mural

2. Add wallpapers to your ceiling

All white ceiling is a bore. That is why we have to get so many decorative lights and flowers to give the room a bit of flare.

If you want to add pizzazz and instant flair to a place, then try adding wallpaper to the ceiling. You shouldn’t be scared to try this out. Think about the various times you have laid on your bed, looking up to the ceiling. Won’t it be more comfortable having a beautiful removable wallpaper to look at than a white plain space?

Add wallpaper to your ceiling; try choosing one that will match perfectly with your home theme.

ceiling wall murals cloud wallpaper

3. Decorate your Bedroom

The bedroom is one place we spend so much time every day. You go to bed staring at your bedroom walls and wake up doing the same. A wall mural will spruce up your bedroom and make it ten times more relaxing.

Wallpapers are the ideal pick to add personality and lighten up your room. Many of the popular removable wallpapers are suitable for bedrooms. Since the bedroom is your comfort zone, it’s the best place to indulge in wilder prints like realistic 3D wallpapers that allows you bring your fantasies to life, unique animal wallpapers, wild floral and bold patterned prints

animal print wallpaper for bedroom


4. Add it to the floor.

Imagine walking on top of an ocean right in your living room. Amazing right? That’s achievable with floor wallpapers. This will instantly breathe life into a room. Floor wallpapers are printed on durable materials, so you don’t have to worry. It will be fun in a child’s room.

You can use wallpapers to create special educational characters which will aid and spur your kids to learn more about various subjects.

You can start by adding floor wallpaper to the dining or spare room before making the bold step of getting one for the living room.


5. Style your closet.

Though closets usually are styled, they hardly meet our standards. Wall murals are an exceptional way to add a personal touch to your wardrobe. It adds a sense of elegance and uniqueness to this space.

You will love opening the doors to see the beauty inside. You can leverage peel and stick wallpapers to add a spark to an old closet. Even if no other person gets to see it, you will see every day and will feel proud knowing you have the best closet.

We recommend more subtle styles like patterns, texture, and geometry. Floral removable wallpaper can also completely transform your closet.


6. Add Wallpaper to the Kids or Teen Room

What about styling the kid’s room? where all the playing and imagining happens. Kids are naturally affected by their environment, whatever they see and attract and inspire them.

Wallpapers are a great way to liven up your kid’s room. Cool removable wallpapers featuring their favorite character like cartoons, star wars, etc. makes kids extremely happy and inspired. 

This is no less different than story books, only more visual. Other recommended wall mural ideas include floral, texture, stripe and animal styles.



7. Design an Elegant Bathroom

There isn’t a day we don’t spend time in the bathroom, and such it deserves all the attention.

Decorating your bathroom with a peel and stick wallpaper will add instant life and elegance to it. A striking marble or floral wallpaper that matches your bathroom theme will make it too cute for words to describe. 

You will feel more refreshed anytime you step out of your bathroom. Another great thing about the bathroom is that they are private, so you can experiment with bold wallpapers before making a final decision for your home.

bathroom wallpaper removable


8. Painting and art

Artwork and paints have been in vogue for years and are still very much a trend today. They depict sophistication and add elegance to your home.

You can get artwork wallpaper at a fraction of the cost of a portrait. A modern art design or painting with intricate details and stylish color blends will add a surprising fun effect to your home.

You can also choose bold watercolor pattern wallpapers. Art removable wall murals are perfect for a large living room, bedroom, and dining. It adds an airy feel and makes a space instantly feel complete.

potrait floral vintage painting wall mural


There are numerous ways to use peel and stick wallpapers in your home, so there’s no excuse whatever not to have one hanging on your walls. You can start with bedroom wall murals and when comfortable, widen the usage to other parts of your home.