Go Wild With Jungle Wallpaper: The New Tropical Interior Trend

This season’s trending interior takes inspiration from nature and adds sophisticated style to any room. You need only turn to fashion giants like H&M and anthropologie to see how the jungle and botanical theme is gaining huge popularity as an interior design feature within the home. 

These bold designs are perfect for creating an uplifting atmosphere in any room. Yet, the botanical element is also a perfect match for the more understated interiors where simplicity is key. You can be both bold, dramatic and understated with Jungle themed wallpaper, it's just finding the right way of implementing this trending design in your home...

vintage watercolor tropical jungle removable wallpaper

Be Bold with Patterns

As of late, we have seen a major shift in the interior world, with design enthusiasts and consumers alike discovering the limitations that are associated with the heavily trending design style of ‘minimalism’ over the past decade. Neutral colors, whilst often viewed as creating a clean and modern aesthetic, seem to be making a gradual exit; replaced with bold patterns and geometric designs that stand out and provide a splash of personality in your home. 

When looking to create a unique space, It’s important that you don’t let a bold pattern scare you! Introducing a statement wallpaper is the perfect way to create a dynamic theme that is full of vim and vigour. A maximal spirit will also afford you so much more freedom when considering interesting decorative objects. Jungle themes enable you to follow your instincts when designing your home, making the whole process feel so much easier.

Designs such as our iconic palms wallpaper combine simplicity and style into contemporary designs that will enhance your home decor from the moment they are installed. The space will suddenly feel fresh, positive and relaxed with the addition of some leafy prints.

palm leaves tropical removable wallpaper

Embrace The Soft Tropics

Conversely, If you prefer a more subtle vibe, introduce the jungle patterns into your interior through soft tones and textures. Whilst green plays an important role in the jungle themed wallpaper trends, soft tropic designs in a range of colors can provide an element of sophistication and style in an effortless way, whilst still embracing this ‘jungle’ trend. Indeed, unique concepts and themes can also be realised with soft, woody or earthy hues of brown, lemon and golden yellow.

The Jungle and botanical wallpaper patterns range from soft to bold, from concrete to abstract; the options are endless. Contrary to their playful persona, these designs can also splash sophistication and luxury to any room. The best example is our beautiful Tropical Jungle Removable Wallpaper. The soft tropics is a bright way of incorporating the jungle trend, without being too overbearing. Yet, this daring design still creates a fun and exciting atmosphere that is synonymous with this tropical theme.


The metallic tones incorporated in this palm leaf design also provides the perfect contrasts behind the dark background, with the soft tropics and green hues creating an overall chic interior design. For a fun twist, include some metallic tones through accessories to provide fluidity through the interiors.

Why the Jungle Trend makes us so happy…

Green is the elixir of life. Due to its strong associations with nature, green is one of the most beautiful colours, widely regarded for its calming and strengthening powers denoting ‘growth and energy’. Green also stands for youth and freshness - often adorned on many anti-aging cosmetics or natural products used to promote health and well-being. 

Yet, the animalistic and adventurous associations with the ‘jungle’ theme also bring out our inner child-like mannerisms and splash excitement to any space. It's the perfect balance of soothing and pleasant tones in one room. There’s also so much variety available with the jungle themes, meaning everyone has the opportunity to find their desired model...


Additional Tips and Advice for Installing the Jungle-Themed Wallpaper 

Whether you install a jungle-themed feature wall or decorate the entire room in this tropical design, it is important that you take into account the dimensions of the room itself. For smaller spaces, be selective with your feature wall - don’t over do it; in many cases, less is more! 

banana leaves tropical wallpaper

For materials and textiles to incorporate with the trending interior, natural furnishings made from wood are an excellent way of cleverly connecting the jungle theme designs to bring the aesthetic to life. 

As aforementioned, for subtle and sophisticated tones, pick wallpapers with metallic hues of gold, silver or bronze. Metallic lighting or pieces of accessories are also perfect for generating a soft aesthetic. Yet, Textiles with large or loud prints are a no-no, unless they match the pattern of the wallpaper!

watercolor flora removable wallpaper

Still Contemplating Jungle Themed Wallpaper?...

We get it, maximalism is a daunting concept in any interior. Trends come and go, so selecting a bold statement piece seems like a risky move. 

Thankfully, At Eazywallz, we have a range of jungle and botanical themed ‘removable wallpaper’ which enables you to play a part in this exciting trend, whilst still having the option to easily remove the theme if needed. 

Browse our botanical and jungle-themed wallpapers today to find a pattern that will provide a splash of exciting to your space..