How to Make your Own Wall Collage

From basic artwork to daring designs...

The evolution of wallpaper has drastically changed over the past 100 years. From 17th century polychrome patterns used to hide the brick walls in Victorian homes, to the incorporation of LED lights embedded within the papers; wallpaper continuously evolves to incorporate new trends that have the ability to brighten up any space.

Indeed, when designing any room, there are a vast range of elements and tools to help you add texture, pattern, colour and depth to a space. A rich space incorporates all these characteristics as a focal point to create a layered and well-designed scheme. Whilst traditional paint has its advantages, wallpaper alone is the only method by which you can achieve all of these powerful design qualities together as a single package. 

collage removable wallpaper

We’ve all seen the re-emergence of ‘maximalism’ as an interior design trend in 2020, with geometric patterns intertwined with lively green colourways and earth tones to create an instant ‘art deco glam’ to interior spaces. The evolution of wallpaper has taken this concept even further, combining technology, textures and design together to enable style-enthusiasts to create their very own wallpaper. 

Benefits of Creating Your Own Wallpaper

When choosing wallpaper, you usually find yourself wandering the isles at your local home depot, or trawling site after site online trying to find that perfect design. You can visualise the pattern in your head, but can you find it? It can be a laborious task to navigate your way through the seemingly endless swathes of designs to express your personality to its full potential.

collage removable wallpaper

That’s where one of the main benefits of digitally printed wallpaper and coverings comes into its own….

Creating your own wallpaper enables you to have a unique and bespoke covering that has been fabricated and designed entirely by yourself. Not only limited to patterns or shapes, digitally printed wallpaper could be any image or photo you like. If you were so inclined, you could have your bathroom walls decorated to look like the inside of the Starship Enterprise - anything is possible. 

collage removable wallpaper

Indeed, by creating your own wallpaper mural you will truly create a unique, customized and individual look that you will not find in any other home. Pair this with exotic paint colours and you can create a truly distinctive living environment that even the craftiest interior decorator would love to curate. Whether you decide to incorporate photos which hold immense sentimental value or a quirky interior pattern, creating your own wall murals is the perfect creative outlet when remodelling your home.  

collage removable wallpaper

Besides from the bespoke element, another major advantage of utilising wallpaper within your home is it’s durability. When comparing this material to the likes of paint, the longevity of wallpaper completely outweighs that of its paint counterpart. On average, a room will require a splash of paint every 3-5 years, sometimes more frequently in high traffic zones within your home. The introduction of paints that can resist the likes of crayon or pen marks exist on the marketplace, however their finish is rough and less visually pleasing than the regular versions.  

Contrary to popular beliefs, wallpapers can withstand wear-and-tear inflicted by children. Modern wallpapers are also extremely durable and easy to clean. On some of our materials like our 3m vinyl, when a spot of dirt is present, you can simply wipe it off with a wet cloth and remove the mark. This increased lifespan has major financial benefits too, as the less redecorating you will have to do, the less money and labor time you will spend on re-creating a seamless finish. In fact, it has been estimated that choosing digital printed wallpapering over paint can save you up to 30% in costs.

The bespoke wallpapers you create, and we ultimately print, have the ability to contour to walls perfectly, providing the best finish possible. Our digital printed wallpapers use the highest quality 8 ink colour systems, giving the most vibrant colour replication possible. This ensures the quality and vibrancy of your designs continues as long as you need them.

collage removable wallpaper

We print our bespoke wallpaper in 24" wide panels, which is much larger than standard wallpaper width. This allows for less joins on a wall and a more complete image. Using a grey backed soft touch vinyl, this blocks the existing colour on the wall and also ensures the colour replication is perfect.

collage removable wallpaper

Make Your Own Collage

At Eazywallz, you can make your own wallpaper with your most cherished photos or designs. Our online design interface allows you to create unique, personalized wallpaper, using images that you love. Turn a blank wall into a powerful, statement feature wall that will add character and personality to your home. Available in four different finishes and in the size of your choosing, design wallpaper that will complement your home, and have it delivered pre-cut in just a few days.

Important facts: 

  • All wallpaper murals are provided in even panels to ensure installation is as simple as can be. The panels are numbered, and an installation guide that includes the panel numbers in an ordered sequence accompanies your products to further facilitate installation.
It’s important that you prepare your wall as per the installation instructions.