How to Transform a Rental House Decor on A Budget [5 great Tips]

The limitations that come with decorating a rental can sometimes be frustrating. In one hand, you feel the urge to make the space more lively and suitable for you, but with a lot of limitations on today's rentals, it can be difficult. Anything you might do in terms of wall decor or home decor may be considered a “sin” by your Landlord. 

Fortunately, there are a whole lot of things you can do to make space feel more homely without going contrary to your rental agreement. These budget-friendly decorating tips are our secret to “sinning” without actually infuriating the all-powerful property owners.

Repaint to Refresh the Walls

Before you move in, you can paint it with your favorite color, even if it was recently painted. If you have an approachable landlord, check with them, if you can repaint the walls. You got nothing to lose by asking; after all, you will be improving the property. 

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Paint is cheap but very transformative. Painting with your favorite color will make the space more welcoming to you. If you want to save some cash, you can paint it yourself. Roll up your sleeves, pick up a brush and start painting. Don’t worry; painting is easy, just don't wear your favorite shirt or pants when painting!

You can paint only the walls if the doors and frames are in good condition. You should also repaint the ceiling, especially the one in your bedroom. You will be looking up to it while in bed.

how to transform your rental home decor on a budget

Before you start painting, you should fill-up and smoothen any holes on the wall. Just put in a good effort, you will be amazed by the result. If the home wasn’t repainted before you came in, you could discuss with your landlord as to who bears the cost of the painting.

Check out Martha Stewart's Painting 101: The perfect wall. 

Display artworks and Photos on Surfaces

If you have artworks or photo frames, you can bring your creativity in play and use them to spice up your space. This can have a notable impact on the appearance of your home.

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Go around the house and visualize the various possibilities, consider the walls, tabletops, and shelving that you think can do with some artistic touch. Get your photos and flowers and place them strategically in those areas. Keep changing their positions and placement until you get something close to that perfect picture you had in mind. You can also get a decorative ladder to display small décor items.

transform your home on a budget for your rental eazywallz wall murals

Looking for some tips on hanging wall art? Here are 100 interesting ways to hang pictures on walls from House & Garden.

Change Your Light Fittings

Lights in rental properties are usually neglected. A little investment in lighting will add personality to your space. Lighting can give your home a different outlook and a captivating ambiance. Take down the old light fixtures and store them in a box. Keep them safe. Yea, they still belong to the landlord despite being bad. 

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Choose light fixtures that won’t clash with the interior colors of your home. The lights you get will depend on your budget. You can find lovely light sets at affordable costs. 

To further save cost, you can try to fix up the lights. Watch YouTube video clips on how to fix the particular type you bought and read the manual. However, it's best to pay an electrician if you are not handy with such things. 


Looking for some room light fixture inspiration? Check out Elle Decor 26 best dining room light fixtures.

Use Customized Removable Wallpaper

Many rental properties have walls painted in clinical white, this may not be the ideal choice for most people. I consider plain white walls as being old-fashioned and these wall mural wallpaper could be a perfect solution.

You can make a difference by just adding some textured wallpapers to bring an air of sophistication to the home. Removable wallpapers are a great choice since they can be easily removed without harming the walls. You can also easily take them down or replace them whenever you feel the urge to redecorate your home.

Shop our removable wallpaper patterns 

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The first step to working with removable wallpapers is to assess the quality of the walls. How smooth is it? Are the plasters lose? Ensure the walls are not heavily textured and the plasters aren’t loose. Remember we are still trying to outwit your landlord, and the priority is to avoid anything that can create even the slightest damage. Having smooth walls ensures it doesn’t have a bubbly look after installation.

Wall paper patterns for home decor rental eazywallz wall murals

Next, you should measure the space you wish to install the wallpaper, the width, and length. I hope you remember that from high school!... right? Finally, go on your favorite website that offers removable and reusable peel and stick wall paper and choose the amount of panels you need!

Wall paper patterns for home decor rental eazywallz wall murals

Need some installation tips? Check out our step by step guide on installing your wall mural.

Use Removable Wall Murals

Just like wallpapers, peel and stick wall murals are a great way to liven up the walls around your home. Do you remember the boring white walls? You can now use the custom wall murals to add a whole new look to your decor! Lush floral bedroom wall murals is an ideal choice to create an accent wall. The best thing about murals is that you can get whatever designs you want, from patterns to artworks, picture and scenes. You need to get a grasp of what you wish to use first as planning and designing is the key to beautiful wall murals for bedrooms.

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wall murals and wall mural wallpaper from eazywallz

wall murals and wall mural wallpaper from eazywallz

A few years ago large wall murals cost a lot to print, but with today's technological advancement, they can be produced at a far cheaper cost and are easy to remove. Whatever photo you wish to use for the murals, should have the same quality as listed above for wallpapers.

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Conclusively, despite the restrictions that come with rental properties, you can still spice up the house to make it look lively. If you have plain walls and have been wondering what to do with them, then you should consider wallpapers and mural as these are the highest quality possible choice for a modern and beautiful look.