Interior Design Trends 2018: The Best Colours for your new Wallpaper

5 Trendy Colours to incorporate in your wall mural for 2018

Looking to make a splash this year in your home decor? A wall mural is a great choice to make a bold statement on your walls. The only problem is choosing the right wallpaper colour and look. The colour trends of 2018 are out and are in full effect now with UltraViolet making the Pantone color of the year. This dark vibrant purple is just a start to what we think will be colorful year in interior decor trends.

Below we have listed our top 5 best colors to incorporate in your home design. These colours could vary in shades and tones but we would like to stick to the main focus colour. We also include our top removable wall murals to match them with so you can actually bring the outdoors in!

Sky and Sea Blue Wallpaper Murals 

The wide range of blues is going to make a splash in 2018. These bold colours will pop in any room and are versatile enough to be combined with any other colour.

Tropical Beach wallpaper with vibrant blue seas and bright blue sky wall murals can help in achieving this cool colour in any room. Elle Decor mentions that "An overwhelming trend for decor in 2018 appears to be creating tech-free sanctuaries, where you actually find a little relief in unplugging and actually relaxing." What's not more relaxing than the feeling of sand beneath your feet and palm trees in the air!

Sit back and relax with our cool blue wallpapers that include Beach & Tropical Wall MuralsSky and Cloud Wall Murals, and some of our Zen Wall Murals

blue skies and clouds wallpaper wall murals


Earth Tone & Green Mural Wallpaper

A very popular colour in 2017 doesn't mean it won't carry on into this year. These earthy or vibrant Greens can become a focal point in your home with its natural look and stress relieving feel.

Our popular choices are some removable and reusable forest wallpaper that will be a perfect wall art choice. A tree wall full of all shades of luscious greens will inject tons of colour in your space and like most trees wallpaper, it will create a new sense of depth. Our wall mural wallpaper is also toxic free so not only are you providing a green feel you are also feeling it!

Check out our Forest Wall MuralsZen Wall murals, or our popular Jungle themed peel and stick wall murals for that naturalistic feel.

earth tone green nature wallpaper murals

Dark Wood Wall Murals

Continuing from the Earth tone colour palette, 2018 is going to be a popular year for dark woods and metallic finishes. Tamara Kelly from Ideal Home says that "2018 is the year where darker wood tones signify a resurgence for retro glamour and provide a new take on modern luxe."

If you're looking for something realistic, some great faux texture peel and stick murals will do the trick. Unlike beach wall murals, these will darken the space instead of brightening it up and create a modern and rich feel in your decor. Best part? You don't have to haul tons of wood and nail them to your wall because you can easily install these by yourself.

We haven't really mentioned what to do if you're looking to inject some colour in your Childs room. With the right age, you can implement a baseball wallpaper behind their bed. A baseball wall will create a nice dark wood feel without the actual wood being displayed. Vintage baseball murals can provide a dark rustic feature in addition to also showcasing some fun for sports!

Check out our collection of wood texture wall murals or our baseball wall murals.

dark brown wood wallpaper murals wall eazywallz


Vibrant Red and Yellow Wallpaper Murals 

These fiery colours will have a huge impact in 2018 with its candy coated look that will make an accent wall pop with colour. Jump into this bold colour with some great street art wall murals or floral wall murals that will give that punch of colour.

Rainey Richardson on Spruce says that “2018 will be about anything but neutral tones. Things are moving in a bold direction. Reds, strong blues and vibrant greens, in particular. People have tired of neutral, sometimes boring palettes.”

red and yellow wall murals eazywallz wallpaper murals 

Check out our Kitchen wall mural ideas for a cool ways to incorporate fruit inspired wall murals to your decor! 


berry colour wall murals wallpaper murals eazywallz