Interior Trends To Look Out For 2021

It’s new year, which is synonymous with a new style and trend.

While lockdown put restrictions on almost about everything, interior style and imagination was definitely not limited during 2020. Instead, homeowners turned their attention to their interior creatives and transformed their homes into an eclectic and comfortable abode where they would spend the majority of their time. It seemed that comforting, textured and timeless pieces were at the forefront of many trends in 2020, which has encroached upon the 2021 interior space...

Indeed, as the saying goes ‘your home should be a style of who you are and a collection of what you love’ and this is exactly what we’re predicting for the new year.

For those considering a renovation and want to know what’s the hottest interiors trends to hop on in 2021, here is a list of our top 5 interior wallpaper designs taking the world by storm.

1. Maximalist Masterpieces

While simplicity swept the landscape of homes for centuries, we have a 2021 home design prediction that maximalism - an interior trend that has crept into 2020 - will be here to stay in the New Year. Indeed, we’ve seen an abundance of design enthusiasts and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram adopt maximalism aesthetics in many ‘aspirational’ pictures they post.

maximilism decor style wall mural


According to the spruce, maximalist style was invented as a direct ‘reaction to the minimalist movement and has aspects and elements that are practically the polar opposite to minimalist components’. So when you envision those beige, clutter-free walls with modest color palettes and lack of photos - think minimalism. Jutxtaposingly, bright, busy and bold decor with personalised imagery, eclectic furniture and eccentric colors, textures and styles are all synonymous with maximalism.


Floral Maximilist print decor wall mural


Indeed, Maximalism is all about adornment, charm and creating moments of joy within your home, which is presumably it’s major appeal and popularity going into 2021, with the majority of the globe spending so much time indoors. As design expert Melanie Adams stipulates, wallpapers that you believe are ‘too much’ at this present moment as very much the interior must-have. It’s all about embracing a braveness with wallpaper that is personal to you.

2. Mesmerizing Wall Murals

Wall murals have continuously been rising in popularity over the past decade, and 2021 is no exception to this rule. Whether it’s Chanel cosmetics wall mural featuring Lily-Rose Depp’s ilovecoco used 32,600 times on social media, or Gucci’s year-long ‘Art Wall’ mural project, everyone in the fashion and interior world have embraced this trend openheardedly. 


Wall murals can be seen in all types of buildings, whether it’s a feature wall within homes, corporate offices to emphasize brand logos and values, or within local gyms as motivational artwork. These interior designs are increasingly gaining popularity because of their variety and ease of application, and unlike old-school painted murals, they are effortless to install. Using a mural as an exciting statement wall is a quick, easy, and cheap way to change the look of a room in your home. With a rise in ‘removable wall murals’ over the past year as well, we can certainly see why such a bold and exciting interior feature is stirring up a storm and bursting into 2021 with a bang. Watch this space...


birds of america all mural


3. Welcoming the Outdoors In

We’ve spoken about the excitement of botanicals a lot during 2020. This invigorating trend for nature is a theme across all aspects - from green paints, blossomed textures or even bold and dramatic prints that give nods to nature's ethereal beauty.

When installed correctly, they can completely transform an abode into a creative and calming ibis, that’s both fresh and invigorating in any home design. And with the rising burgenosation with many living in city apartments with little-to-no gardens, floral incorporations are becoming greatly appreciated, as a way of sprinkling a slice of nature within the interior worlds.


jungle wall mural print
jungle print wall mural


By creating an indoor-outdoor balance we’re helping to make our homes feel like an extension of the natural world outside. With 2020 dominated by indoor-restrictions, it seems quite fitting that such a trend would be welcomed with open arms last season. 2021 will see some more exciting prints dominate the interior space, particularly as the seasons start to change again over the next few months...

foggy forest wall mural


4. Dream Destinations

Similar to nature, dream destinations are aspirational home decor designs that we have been bringing indoors. The trend for ‘holiday-inspired’ interiors have most notably derived from the unpredictable year, where we have been yearning for some tranquility in a dream destination. 


desert wall mural


Whether it’s the succulent grains of powdered sands, exemplified within our desert wallpaper, or the gushing water plunging down a mountain to form a beautiful waterfall feature, as seen in our waterfall murals, each design signed, sealed and delivered to the homes of many consumers in 2020 pay tribute to the destinations they desire to travel to. Well, this is the one area of travel inspiration we can plan ahead for summer 2021!


tropical beach wall mural


5. Marble, Marble and More Marble

Regardless of what’s in or out in the interiors world, there’s no doubt that marble has grown in popularity over the past few years and it looks set to stay for 2021.

Marble, once synonyms with opulence and wealth within the Roman era, is now accessible to everyone on the interior marketplace, meaning consumers near and far can implement such an elegant design for a cost-effective price. Seen on the table tops of kitchen islands, or scattered on furnishing accessories within the homes of many contemporary digs, marble is now a trending topic in interiors. Indeed, it’s crisp clean natural looks and exquisite pattern formations provide visual interest to our homes.


cracked marble wallpaper mural


Think about it: Marble provides that element of luxury within your space, available in a range of colors and patterns, each just as chic and swirly as the last. Take our cracked black marble wall mural as an example, pair this with white furniture accessories for the perfect contemporary look within your kitchen space. Or alternatively, our coral marble wall mural provides a neutral pop of colour that is both elegant and exciting, all in one . Marble is certainly a design trend that is continuing to grow in strength amongst enthusiasts within the design space, so it may be a fruitful idea to adopt some within your home if you’re eager to stay on-trend this year.


coral crackeds marble wallpaper mural


2021 Wallpaper Trends - In Conclusion

Whether its a maximalism design feature, a dream destination depiction within your lounge or bedroom, or just a personalised wall mural that embodies yourself or your brand, all of these wallpaper designs are key elements to include within your home for 2021. With home decor acting as a key ingredient for a happy mindset and overall being, this year may be the perfect opportunity to transform your space into a place you love! Oh and one that is very much with the times.

For more interior tips, search our online wallpaper shop today or follow our guides for more information on how you can stay on top of all things new and exciting within the wallpaper world.