­­­­­­­Japanese minimalism and Scandivanian Interior spaces - Spring Decorating Ideas

The art of less is more…

With winter fog a distant memory, it got us thinking about the emerging styles that are taking over the interior space this spring time. While mid-century modern and rustic decor have been a fan-favourite across social media sites and interior magazines in recent months, it seems there’s a new style that’s ticking all the boxes, perfect for those spring cleaning ideas.

A fusion of sleek japanese minimalism with the warmth of Scandinavian design is looking to be one of the biggest interior trends for 2021.


dark creme abstract wall mural


Combining the sleek lines and clean minimalism of Japanese interior design with the warmth and cosiness typical of Scandinavian styles, the Scandi-Japanese design fusion is all about bringing simplicity into the home.

This interior style maintains a color palette made up of the minimalist grey, pale blues and earthy tones, prototypical of Japanese minimalism, with the integration of statement pieces of furniture that truly personifies a comfortable yet clutter-free aesthetic.

minimal style home decor and wall murals

The popularity of such a trend is substantiated by social media reports, with Pinterest stipulating that searches for Scandi-Japanese bedroom or living room inspirations rose in 2020 by 500%; notably in places like the UK, Australia and Canada. There was also a reported 400% increase in search volume for minimalism-bathroom as well as kitchen ideas’ in 2021, demonstrating the growing interest in recent months to infuse one's home with style inspiration from two highly stylistic and aesthetically-pleasing nations.

What is Japanese Minimalism and Scandivian Interior Decor?

Japanese minimalism is all about creating a serene and uncluttered style. Stemming from the roots of the spartan aesthetic of Japan’s traditional Zen buddhism, Japanese minimalism goes against all notions of consumerism. Instead, it adheres to a design that is centred around simplicity and ultimately a clean and uncluttered living space.

clean white marble wall mural and wallpaper

Western interior design trends have welcomed such a theme with open arms in recent years, with a renewed design to maintain simplicity of form and function with open spaces that are light-embracing. A way in which this is achieved is by fusing interiors with naturalistic textures such as wood, providing a sense of warmth to any living space. Furniture and decorations are kept to a bare minimum with the desired contemporary and clean overall effect.

Similar to Japanese Minimalism, neutral palettes, modern furniture and minimalist decor are all characteristic traits of a Scandinanivan aesthetic, too. These interior styles tend to boast white walls to emphasize light, with pops of colors and natural textures (i.e., wood and stone) to bring the outdoors in to create an elegant ambience inside. Indeed, less is more is a key sentence when referring to Scandi design.

Naturally, you can see why the two design themes have been blended so effortlessly together…

minimalistic removable wallpaper

Why adopt this trend?

Asides from the incredibly poignant pin-terest / instagram worthy backdrops, both of these interior schemes provide a range of positive benefits to consumers' homes. It is only when you remove the nonessential that you can focus on what truly matters most. This can certainly apply to not only the design of your home and the things in it, but also your overall lifestyle.

Studies on people that embrace minimalism show that they spend more of their energy doing things or obtaining things they truly care about, which leads to more happiness.

In fact, incorporating minimalism into your environment is one of the easiest ways to experience more positive emotions, a factor many people are yearning for, particularly as they spend so much time indoors). This is why Zen and Feng Shui are such powerful concepts.


Scandinavian Wall Murals


Take our wallpaper as an example. The neutral backdrop instantaneously creates a sense of calm, peace and serenity in the physical space - which is naturally bound to influence your mental wellbeing, too. Indeed, minimalist decoration ideas are influential ways to express your personal interests and style in a refined way; notably through artwork or pops of colours thanks to the neutral and clutter-free decor found inside your space.

Combine muted tones with sophisticated, comfortable furniture and vibrant houseplants to make your living room feel airy, spacious and oh, so comfortable. Bring in other simple pieces such as coffee table books, cosy cushions and blankets to make it feel that bit more homey. With warm, earthy tones, comfy cushions and statement décor, Scandi-Japanese design can turn your bedroom into a cosy, uncluttered haven.