Just Do It? Gym Wallpaper Interior Design Tips

Exercise provides a plethora of positive attributes for our bodies, whether its controlling weight conditions, combating health problems, or just improving our overall mental health and well being. The extensive benefits associated with exercise are hard to ignore. 

However, it’s not always easy to conjure up the courage to get physically active. Indeed, unless you’re an innate fitness freak blessed with fast twitch muscle fibres, you’ll likely be accustomed to the “I’m too tired” or “I don’t have enough time” excuses synonymous with neglect and inactivity (don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it). 

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Yearning for a dedicated place where you can work out with stimulation is a common problem many people have, particularly now thanks to Covid-19 lockdowns. However, with the new year on the horizon and thus lifestyle changes likely to be considered going into 2021, you may be looking for some much needed-motivation? 

While we’re not claiming to be fitness gurus or personal trainers here at EazyWallz, there’s much to be said for the psychology of interior design and how it can affect your overall motivation and productivity levels. Whether it’s through the medium of brightly colored gym wallpaper designed to enliven the space, or beach murals to get that “summer body” inspiration, our gym decor ideas are likely to get your heart racing. Here’s how...

Motivational Gym Wall Mural Decor 

Home gyms are a wonderful luxury. The freedom and flexibility offered by building a home gym or exercise room is a great investment, and will soon recoup its worth in memberships. Design ideas might conjure up images of exercise bikes, treadmills and heavy weights, but if that isn’t your thing it can really be as simple as having an open, airy studio in which to practice yoga or pilates.

However, a fruitful design idea may be to incorporate a wall mural in your home gym, to tell a compelling story or send a colorful, creative message that can boost morale.

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Ward Farnsworth, Dean at the University of Texas, stipulates that people have an, “appetite for well-expressed wisdom, motivational quotes or otherwise.” Farnsworth also believes that it is not just the meaning behind motivational quotes or phrases that resonate with people but the details of the wording that is important. 

With this in mind, incorporating personalised wall murals with motivational quotes can not only help boost a space, but also enhance your experience exercising to push yourself beyond your limitations. Wall murals are an inspirational, stylish way to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re a runner, yogi, weightlifter, or anything in-between, there’s a wallpaper mural to encourage you to go the extra mile.

gym mural wallpaper motivational

Take inspiration from the greatest boxer to grace the rings, Mohammed Ali, whose educational quotes can be depicted in a personalised wall mural in your home gym. Conversely, add admirational archives of sporting heroes like Senena Williams, to invigorate your intrinsic motivation and cultivate perspiration like never before. The choices are endless with wall murals. 

Connect Colour Schemes to Your Workout Regimes 

When you commit to using space in your home for a workout room, your color choices are extremely important. The right or wrong color can make or break your home gym and your subsequent motivation levels. The best color choices can not only lift your mood, but make working out more inviting.

gym mural wallpaper motivational

There is a perfect color for every workout space, whether you're a ​powerlifter or love yoga.

For example, if your workout style encompasses a more dynamic and aggressive regime, then opting for bold and energetic colors is preferable. Fiery reds and oranges bring excitement and energy to any space, such as our bold CLAY COURT WALL MURAL -  perfect for an accent wall in your gym. 

Conversely, are you looking for a peaceful color for yoga or meditation? In this sense, light and airy colors might be more suitable to your exercise preference. Interior decor such as our ‘soft lavender wall mural’ is the perfect piece to transform the room and set the ambience for a soothing serene yoga space. 

Beach Body Pending? 

Are you more of a visual learner? Where your inspiration is cultivated by visualising a concept. In this case, maybe a funky beach mural might work for you. 

Just how incorporating a waterfall wall mural or wallpaper sets the scene for serenity for a yoga sweat session, a beach backdrop might get you motivated ahead of your vacation.

gym mural wallpaper

Enjoy calming holiday vibes all year round with a stunning beach wallpaper mural backdrop to your interior space. Our beautiful wall murals feature tropical beaches with swaying palm trees, colourful beach huts, beautiful sunsets, boardwalks and wooden jetty piers. The vibrant and bold colours incorporated in these depictions are renowned for having a profound effect on our mood. Indeed, 'Looking at warm, bright colours, such as red or pink, releases dopamine — known as the “feel-good hormone” — which can improve our mood and heighten the attention span. Whereas  'Cool blues, on the other hand, have been linked to the release of oxytocin, making you feel calm. It’s the perfect color concoction for any home gym.

gym mural wallpaper

Whilst you're working out in your tropical beach paradise, you can envision yourself squishing your toes in the powdery white sand as the blazing heat bronzes your skin. It gives you a visual goal that you can work towards to be your most happy and healthy self. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your dream gym wallpaper now ahead of the new year. Set yourself some achievable but unbelievable goals to work towards and find the perfect gym wallpaper and murals to match them. The choices are endless.