Wall Murals For Corporate Offices

Showcase Your
Company Values

Sleek and professional designs for your company!

Custom wall murals are the perfect finishing touch to any room of your workspace. Whether the room is mainly used by employees or clients, EazyWallz wall murals can be the perfect way to showcase your company's values and inject creativity into the rest of the office. 


As the very first space your client sees, this area needs to impress the client and represent your company values. Consider using one of our custom wall murals to set your company name as the focus then include images or a mission statement to personify your company. You can also let your receptionist set the precedent for your company and add interest to the walls with the wall mural that best fits your business's image. 


For the room where collaboration happens and large jobs get done, choose one of our high-quality images from a range of categories. To keep the focus on work and productivity, include a company mission statement or a cityscape featuring another location. Bring interest to a creative space with abstract murals, or create a calm environment with landscapes and nature.


Often seen as a multipurpose area, this needs to be a space that can cater to a variety of uses and people. Our Textured wall murals invite a homey feel without specifying what this space can be used for. For modern office layouts, Urban & Street Art murals add bold color and unique flair to otherwise open and plain spaces. If you are looking for something truly unique, our Space wall murals will give the entire office something to talk about during lunch.

Flexible Work Space

The best workspaces allow employees to work in a variety of spaces within the office. Open office floor plans are becoming more popular for this exact reason. While your employees are able to change the area they work, you should be able to change the background. Our removable wall murals are made to be long-lasting and easy to change when the design gets boring.


Not only can you improve productivity, but you can also boost morale. You can get the murals in any size for portraits of employees of the year or month within departments. You can also use collage walls to fill a section of the common area with photos from a recent office get-together or other team-building experience.


Consider using our peel and stick wallpaper in any pattern you want for elevator doors, cubicle dividers, structural pillars, or even the ceiling! It may seem untraditional, but these are small enough to test out our product before taking a huge design leap.

Materials We Recommend for Corporate Offices

3Mโ„ข Peel & Stick Vinyl

Why? For long term use. We also coat this vinyl with a film laminate for extra thickness and durability making it perfect for high traffic areas. If installed by a large pool of certified 3M installers, installation is guaranteed!.

Korographics Type II Wallcovering

Why? Kororgraphics is a Type II, certified commercial grade wallcovering with extreme durability. Specially developed and specifically formulated for large format printing. Printed with overlap. Formulated and tested Class A Fire Rating.


Why? Self-adhesive thin canvas material made of 100% polyester fabric. Multi-US patented, removable and re-usable multiple times without damage or residue. Won't rip, wrinkle or tear. Class A or 1 fire rated, non-toxic, green and phthalates free.

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