Create a fantastic decor that will appeal to your guests

Decor plays a huge role in a restaurant or hotel's style whether it is a fancy franchise or a small budget enterprise catering to a smaller audience. Restaurant and hotel owners want to wow their customers when they walk in, create a beautiful decor and enhance their senses getting them ready for the amazing experience they want to present. You can create a place of escape with unique and beautifully styled walls using these large scales wall murals and photo wallpaper.
Eazywallz offers thousands of high quality images, designs and patterns that will create an ambience that your customers won't forget! Whether you are looking for an extreme makeover, seasonal change, or simply to add an accent to your space, Eazywallz can help you and your business achieve these goals.

Benefits of our wall murals

  • Impress your clients with bold decor.
  • Ideal for seasonal changes and temporary uses.
  • Customized murals to your specifications.
  • Free graphic design services allow for one-of-a-kind murals.
  • Highest quality material on the market.
  • Thousands of images to choose from, or use your own design.

Wall Murals for Hotels

See a few examples of how our wall murals and wallpaper murals can help energize any area of your hotel, whether it is an existing building or a new construction.

Fresh wall mural in hotel room
Wall murals for elevators in hotel
Tropical wall mural in hotel room
Fun wall mural in hotel room
Grunge wall mural in hotel lobby
Cosy wall mural in hotel room
Zen wall mural in hotel room

Wall Murals for Restaurants

Wall murals are easily the focal point of a restaurant as they tell the identity and the story of a restaurant's roots or history. They can be informative - and serve as giant menus - or simply decorative, but they are always exciting!
See a few examples of how our wall murals and wallpaper murals can help create a fantastic and original theme for your restaurant or coffee shop. Impress your guests with attractive design!

For more inspiration, check out our post about our 20 favourite wall murals found in restaurants around the world !

Green Plant wall mural for restaurant
Wood planks wall mural for restaurant
Asian wall mural for restaurant
Vintage wall mural for restaurant
Graffiti wall mural for restaurant
Street Art wall mural for restaurant

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