Wall Murals for Retail Stores

Wall Murals for a
Retail Experience

Amazing Designs to show off your selection of products!

Customers want a luxury experience when they go shopping. You can create an atmosphere that will impress and put your brand first. The luxury experience is all about making your store look and feel one of a kind. EazyWallz custom wall murals and large wall art allow your customers to have a shopping experience tailored to them.  

Using wall murals strategically can also put the focus where you want for sales. Large wall art on the wall with new --more expensive-- products will draw the customer to these products. To hide areas like your sales rack, surround other walls with interesting wall murals and pull attention away. For a small retail space, try a dark wallpaper on the back wall to make your space feel larger and more spacious. Customers will feel like they have more room to browse or products to see. Our peel and stick wall murals make it easy to experiment with these designs to see what works best in your space.

Themed Stores

Wall murals for retail usually speak directly to this market. We have a wide variety of categories for our wall murals and removable wallpapers that can inject your unique brand identity into your retail space. You can also customize your wall mural to include your product being used as intended. Customers may even share photos of them using your product; make them part of a wall of fame with our create a collage option. 

Personalized Advertisement

Seeing a product in action helps the customer see how they can benefit from your product. Our customizable designs mean you can use images you already own to create your peel and stick wall mural. A celebrity photoshoot or promotional photoshoot can easily be displayed by just a few clicks of a button. Choose your image, size, material, then checkout! 

Shoutout Sales

When sales happen, you want everyone to know about them! Our durable and reusable wall murals mean your sales can be front and center of indoor or outdoor window displays to let passersby know when to stop in. They are also easy to remove and change out when a new product or sale needs recognition.

Materials We Recommend πŸ‘

HP Pre-pasted Wallpaper

Why? Water activated adhesive backing. Designed for easy application and clean removal. It has a smooth matte finish and is completely DIY. PVC free and Class A Fire Rating. Perfect material to stay in budget! 


Why? Self-adhesive thin canvas material made of 100% polyester fabric. Multi-US patented, removable and re-usable multiple times without damage or residue. Won't rip, wrinkle or tear. Class A or 1 fire rated, non-toxic, green and phthalates free.

Digiscape 17mil Wallpaper

Why? Commercial grade 17oz wallpaper for paste application. Superior alternative to PVC Type II wallcovering, dimensionally stable and tearresistant. Bright white surface with a completely matte finish. PVC free and Class A Fire Rating.

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