Wall Murals: 5 Trending & Modern Interior Design Ideas for your Space


Choosing a Wall Mural or Wallpaper to feature in your space is difficult enough. With so many new design styles emerging in 2022 it is difficult to keep track let alone try to design your own space. Here are a couple of tips on choosing the right wall mural for these new and trendy design styles.

1. Scandinavian Minimalism

This design style breaks down the Scandinavian style to its core. A simplistic interior that features raw materials and inspiration from the north. The popularity of Scandinavian interiors has grown over the years and this version is a popular choice when you love a minimalist approach to your space. 

Scandinavian minimalism focuses on simplicity and functionality but adds a feeling of comfort at the same time. Black and white color palettes are a key focus in the original Scandinavian style but this version utilizes creamy whites, neutral tans and grays. Materials used in this style are natural, such as wood, stone, and wool.

When choosing a wall covering for this style try to lean toward soft color palettes with minimal features so it won't clutter the space. The mural wallpaper must not be to over bearing on the walls in order to keep in line with the style.

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Scandinavian Minimalism Wallpaper Mural Ideas

2. Modern Boho

Another twist on an emerging design style is the Modern Boho. The bohemian interior design style has been at the top of people's list but the new trend is updated with a fresh look.


Modern boho design combines bohemian traditions with contemporary appeal, creating a cleaner, more casual look. While traditional bohemian décor brings to mind rich color and dark cozy rooms, the new boho chic takes a light and airy approach, embracing neutral palettes and open spaces.
There is some great wall art for this style that encompasses the bohemian style with a modern touch. Try keeping a mixture of electric styles with rich tones to compliment the space.



tropical desert boho style wallpaper mural for nursery room

3. Modern Farmhouse

Think wide wood planked floors and reclaimed materials when it comes to the modern farmhouse style. This new chic style is comfy and cozy when it comes to surrounding yourself with things you love.


The modern farmhouse features a color palette of warm or cool neutrals like cream, beige, silver and grey. Layer some reclaimed wood accents in there and you got the basics of this modern trend.
When choosing wallpaper art for this style take into account the many textures you have already layered and add to it. Use country inspired landscapes or farm animals that will add some color and style.



Wild Horses Modern Farmhouse style wallpaper mural


4. Mid-Century Modern

One of the most sought after interior styles in the past years is a mid-century modern interior. The mix of early 20th century design principles with a modern touch is what makes this home decor style popular choice. Featuring mainly wood textures with a black and white color palette is a perfect combination for a minimal yet creative touch.
Furniture is a main point in this style so you will need to carefully pick textures, murals, and wallpaper in order to let the furniture piece shine. Functionality is huge in this interior design style so your wall art needs to be incorporated and in the right spot. Use smaller accent walls or furniture backgrounds to highlight other home decor pieces.



mid-century modern style wallpaper mural abstract

5. New Contemporary Style

Clean lines and uncluttered space is why contemporary style is a top choice for interiors in 2022. Closely related to the modern interior style, a contemporary theme plays on dark colors with small texture features and minimal finishes. 


Contemporary interiors is an evolving style that relies heavily on modern interior design principles but with a cleaner touch. With a more geometric approach to its layout, a contemporary style is more relaxed but yet very neat.


Wall Murals featuring clean lines and straight geometric prints is a perfect fit for this home design style, Abstract wallpaper murals featuring line drawings with a modern touch will fit seamless in this decor.



contemporary style wall mural abstract faces wall covering