3 Unique ways to add depth to your kitchen!

Kitchens are a fundamental room in a home. Given their importance, it makes sense that homeowners invest a lot of time and money into making their kitchen feel like the heart of their home. But what if your kitchen feels far from that? 

For starters, don’t panic! Even a small, oddly-shaped kitchen can appear larger and be a functional room if you consider thoughtful interior design techniques—like adding depth. The concept of “adding depth” might sound vague, but there are many ways to nail this visual trick to help make your kitchen appear more open and comfortable.

If you’re looking to change the perception of your kitchen—and are on a mission to make it your favorite room again—you need to see our tips below on unique ways to use depth in your design!

1. Transform Your Walls

Yes, it’s true: natural textures and white color schemes can enlarge a space. But that’s not your only option when it comes to adding depth in your kitchen. Another visual trick to try out is incorporating bold designs or murals into your wall decor.

marble kitchen wall mural removable wallpaper

Wall murals and removable wallpaper are a creative way to instantly transform a space. When it comes to kitchens, the biggest trends are custom wall collages featuring images of family, nature-inspired landscapes murals, and wallpaper with realistic textures, like brick or marble.

upload wall mural kitchen design art wall

Removable wallpaper and wall murals can be used in many parts of your kitchen, and can have the same impact as textured tile when it comes to adding depth. Don’t limit your vibrant design to just your walls! Instead, consider applying designs to unique places like appliances, backsplash, cabinet doors, or to a kitchen island. A pop of color or a unique design can brighten up a space and you’ll truly feel at home in a room that reflects your personality and style.

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2. Add Natural Elements

An all-white kitchen can make the space feel bigger, but might be a bit boring. You can combat this and complement a lighter color scheme by adding natural textures and elements. For example, if your backsplash is dated or dark, consider updating it with a lighter, natural stone tile. Opting for a natural material, like clay, helps create depth because it adds both interest and character to your kitchen and complements white color schemes. 

vintage wall mural for kitchen

Irregular shaped tile is a unique choice and it helps bring energy to an all-white kitchen. Depending on your style, you can mix a textured look with sleek lighting or hardware. The combination of styles creates a cohesive look, and is a high-impact solution when looking to enlarge a space.

kitchen wall mural vintage

Home improvement projects can be costly, so consider your budget before deciding on any major updates or design elements. If you’re not doing the work yourself, you should factor in labor costs. The average installation price changes depending on your location and the size of your kitchen, but online resources—like this kitchen remodel cost guidecan help you better understand what you can expect to spend on backsplash installation and other kitchen elements.

If a small kitchen remodel isn’t in your budget, don’t worry! You can still add depth and upgrade your kitchen decor using a much-loved trend: peel and stick backsplash wallpaper. Not only is this a DIYer’s dream, but it’s a budget-friendly solution that truly makes your space stand out. You can achieve the same textured look as tile while making your kitchen look bigger with a white brick wallpaper or a white and grey marble texture. Plus, with the holidays quickly approaching, you can fit a project like this into a busy schedule and really wow your guests!

kitchen brick old white wall mural removable wallpaper

3. Seamlessly Blend Surfaces

Another way to trick the mind into believing a space is larger than it actually is, is by blending surfaces together. You can do this by connecting backsplash and countertops or by using a similar color scheme. A popular trend in the interior design space right now is matching countertop materials with backsplash materials. The result is stunning, but can be costly.

kitchen wall mural floral

Another way to create a unified look with just as much impact is by matching the countertop color with your backsplash color, but not matching the material. You can match existing countertop colors with a peel and stick wallpaper—which is cost-friendly and there are many options that match any design style.

Light Brown Reclaimed Wood Wallpaper

Another advantage of using removable designs to add depth in your kitchen—or any room in your home—is that they don’t cause any damage and you can easily switch up your design. If you are renting property, you might feel like a stranger inside your home. Removable wallpaper can solve this problem and help you design a space that feels more open and represents your style.

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