11 Whimsical Wallpaper and Wall Mural Ideas for your Nursery

Each year we discover new trends in wallpaper and wall murals for a nursery or a baby's room. As a parent, you want to design your nursery in your own style and create a space that you will enjoy spending all your time in.

If you are looking to create a whimsical feel in your nursery, here is 11 wallpaper and wall mural ideas that will help ignite your creative flair.

There are so many ways to design your nursery and turn it into a beautiful space. If you are expecting, you probably can't wait to start designing the baby's room. Whether you are going with a full large scale wall or a repeating removable wallpaper you will want to keep it light and bright to allow the space to breathe.

Let's get into the Nursery ideas..

1. A playful, yet sophisticated Tropical Wall Mural

Lush and full of life, this tropical peel and stick wallpaper will inspire the decor for the entire space. Perfect for a nursery needing a little imagination or a touch of whimsy magic.

tropical removable wallpaper for nursery

2. Squeeze a little lemon wallpaper in

Lemon wallpaper is easily the zestiest trend in the home decor space and a little bright color squeezed into your decor will look fantastic.

lemon peel and stick wallpaper

3. Soft Pink Wallpaper Doesn't have to be Girly

A sophisticated pink wallpaper mural is a perfect choice to not overwhelm your decor. From florals to tropics, the pink theme is a top choice to take your baby's room to the next level

 Pink Tropical Palm Leaves wallpaper mural for nursery

4. Bohemian Style Nursery

Create a bohemian style look on your wall with botanical and natural elements to create a chic wall decor in your nursery. These neutral looks create a sophisticated look that matches with the rest of your home. This boho nursery uses a beautiful terrazzo wallpaper to achieve the look.

boho style tropical wall mural wallpaper for nursery

5. Nautical Themed Mural Wallpaper for Neutral Nurseries

A cool boat themed wallpaper mural is the cutest option for neutral gender rooms. The pop of colours will enhance your walls along with fitting perfectly with other home decor pieces.

 nautical boat wallpaper mural for nursery

6. Earth toned nursery rooms are chic

Earth toned colours might not make the room pop but it is a very chic and natural feel that will create a relaxing space. Use the browns, reds, and beige for a monochromatic look for the perfect custom removable wallpaper mural. This nursery blog showcases some awesome earth toned nursery wallpaper.

 earth toned boho nursery wallpaper mural

7. Blooming Florals for a future princess

Flower wallpaper murals will never go out of style in a nursery room. Cute blooming white lilies and roses create a whimsical feel in the space. Here are some flirty florals from the spruce and 19 nurseries that bloom.

 blooming floral wallpaper idea for nursery

8. Monochromatic soft colors

Even though this wallpaper has muted colors it still brings a soft, comfortable feeling to this little girl’s nursery. This pencil peonies wallpaper below is a good fit as a back drop in any baby's room.

monochrome florals for nursery


9. Minimal Wallpaper for a clean space

Don't overcrowd the nursery with large designs if your space is too small. Opt for bohemian style minimalist wallpaper art that will fit seamlessly into your decor. Here is a great shot of the water color triangle wallpaper used in a nursery.

 water color triangles minimal wallpaper for nursery

10. Muted Rainbows for a playful chic nursery

How cute is this subtle yet incredible rainbow wallpaper? With its soft and earthy tones, it is the perfect way to add an extra touch of coziness to the nursery. Here is a great nursery muted rainbow feel from Adoren and 20 other design ideas for your nursery

 dana mooney muted rainbow wallpaper mural for kids and nursery room

11. A playful Backdrop scenic wall mural

Create a fascinating landscape and really give the nursery a creative feel. A cool air balloon scene or mountains will open up the space if you nursery feels a little cramped.

kids sceneray and mountains wallpaper mural for nursery

We hope you love our nursery ideas and we are looking forward to see what you do with your nurseries. It is one of the most exciting rooms to re-design so take every minute to enjoy it!

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