Transform your room into a galaxy far, far away with Space Murals

Are you looking to transform your room into a place out of this world?

If you’re a lover of a featured room or you have little space cadets amongst you, then a space theme could really launch your interior into another dimension and accentuate the little details within your home. For many moons, Eazywallz has been wallpaper and wall mural experts, so we have the perfect wallpapers and wall murals just for you.

Launch your room into another dimension

Taking your room to another dimension with our night sky with nebula wall mural. The different tones of blue really help to bring out the colors in your room. The bright starlight peeking through the nebula cloud brings out the dark hues from the starry deep blue night sky. This wall mural would make the perfect feature for a statement wall in a bedroom or living room. Why not also try this wall mural on the ceiling of your room? This creates a vibrant and glowing feature in your room. The 3D aspect of the clouds will give an illusion that you’re staring into the most beautiful night sky every single night. What more could you want?

nebula galaxy wallpaper mural
nebula galaxy

Our universe holds wonders we could never imagine, yet we can’t stop ourselves from looking upwards and dreaming. Artists all over the world have been capturing the beauty of a starry night sky and now incorporating a beautiful watercolor galaxy composition. So, why not add a pop of color to your room with a Watercolor Galaxy wall mural. The captivating design really will bring your room to life.

water color galaxy wallpaper mural


watercolor galaxy wallpaper mural

Update your Office Interior with Space Theme Wallpaper 

For an office environment that may be a little bland, adding subtle hues of color will help to pull out the features within the room. The colors of red, burnt orange and deep dark purples are part of the Deep space nebula wall mural. The central focal point begins with a bright, white light bleeding out into the mint green and then combining with blue/purple hues. The leads into a midnight blue coloring with orange and red specs of light. Dotted around the outskirts - perfect for a feature on the backdrop of your bedroom or focal point for your office wall.


All aboard little space cadets

Alternatively, for a more cartoon-like wall mural featuring a black backdrop and moons with faces you should invest in the Children’s to the moon wall mural. This features a yellow snoozing moon as the main focal point surrounded by abstract smiling ‘moons’. This would be the perfect accompaniment for a children’s bedroom or nursery. Not only is this a deep color contrast, but it allows for a fabulous color contrast featuring Panatone’s color of the year - yellow! The dappled surface from the moon faces allows the dark night sky background to peer through, just like the sun does in the sky through the clouds. Each moon-like face on the wallpaper has the name of one of the eight planets surrounding the moon and sun - allowing your kids to learn while also having a beautiful backdrop - encouraging your little ones to reach for the stars in their education.

childrens outer space wallpaper mural


childrens space cartoon wallpaper mural


A dreamy room full of clouds

Why not break the mould of tradition and incorporate clouds into the ceiling of your room rather than as a backdrop or feature. A Clouds wall mural would give the illusion you’re staring up to the sky and become a welcome sight every morning to wake up to. This striking, yet smart wallpaper brings a real feeling of calm and tranquillity into the home. The bright blue and white fluffy clouds represent a beautiful day where the sun is shining across this stunning design. The cloud concept also works extremely well in an office or cafe setting, creating a neutral and relaxed environment.


cloud wallpaper murals


childrens cloud wallpaper mural


Why Eazywallz is out of this world...

Unlike Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, you don’t have to be a billionaire to go to space! You can head to space at a fraction of the cost. NASA allows all space images to be used by the public, so there’s nothing stopping you from using these spectacular space images for a custom wall mural of your choice.

  It can be a difficult decision to make when deciding what spaced themed wallpaper you wish to choose. Eazywallz design wallpapers are custom made with uncompromising attention and quality to detail. To incorporate the spellbinding beauty of galaxies far, far away into your home, contact Eazywallz today to see how we can help you!