Bring the vacation to you With Iconic Beach & Tropical Wall Murals

With COVD-19 bringing air travel to a halt, there has been a global rise in the ‘staycation’ phenomenon (I mean, we have no other choice really).

Indeed, dubiety regarding international travel has seen an wide array of individuals swap the calming and conciliate carribean climate, to a cosy retreat in the comfort of their own home.

With this in mind, why not bring the vacation to you? With a tropical and/or adventurous destination feeling further away than ever before, creative interior transformations inspired by an array of exotic locations are sure to keep things exciting within the home. Be inspired by the sandy shores or soothed by the botanical backdrops that supply that slice of sanctuary to your space. With vacations a thing of the past (or the future), it's time to get inventive and create an foreign paradise in your home. Here’s a few ideas just in case..

Indoor Oasis

All things tropical have been one of the hottest interior design trends of the 2000s. Thanks to Justina Blakeney’s jungalow style social media campaign sparking an entire instagram movement, thousands of consumers have hopped on the trend and decorated their interiors with bold, dramatic, jungle-inspired prints. This indoor oasis has the ability to transform your lifeless space into a tropical paradise - even if you are tucked away in the middle of nowhere.

Tropical Paradise Wallpaper Mural

Plants purify the air and bring much needed life to your spaces. From seasonal branches and tree prints, to bold floral patterns, there’s a botanical print suitable for a range of interior tastes and styles. Our secret gardens wallpaper collection can transport you to a tropical escape, with our enchanted castle wallpaper murals truly bringing the outdoors in and creating a rustic feel in your home.

tropical wall murals

Or for your maximalist lovers out there, dare to demonstrate your bold, brass and beautiful inner-being with fuji feather wallpaper, with its arrangement of eccentric patterns and colors embodying the exotic wildlife prototypical of the amazonian rainforest.

tropical wall murals

On cloud 9

While many of us would have loved to be levitating above the clouds this year, the reality is quite the contrary. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t capture the tranquil depictions of the marvellous and misty landscapes in your interior designs.

From the stillness of a spring morning to the dark sombre fogs or an argy stormour range of cloud murals will transport you to another time and place. And there’s a dreamy cloud wallpaper to suit every room in your house.


You can incorporate clean white clouds for a minimalist interior to create airy space. These murals are desirable in smaller and darker spaces, as the canvas projects light and distorts the rooms sizes. While the fluffy billows of clouds supply texture to an otherwise flat room design. 

The soft hints of blue are also beneficial for creating a soothing and calm environment according to color psychology, providing you with a private retreat where you can relax and feel at peace.

While soft, white clouds evoke feelings of calmness, the more ominous side of the cloud depictions also have profound interior affects that can create mood within the room. Grey clouds don’t have to signify gloom. This wallpaper is seriously atmospheric, and in a room that receives ample light, it can transform the space into something unique and interesting. Style with simple interiors and opt for a quiet colour scheme that doesn’t clutter. This is fruitful for rooms that lend themselves to cosying up such as office spaces or even living room areas.

Beach and Mountain vibes

Unless you live on the sandy californian shores, you’re probably still fantasising over the powdery white sands, emerald green waters and sun-kissed skin; the archetypal image of summer. But don’t be disheartened, we have an interior alternative that exudes joy and happiness (the two ingredients of vacation) and transports you to a happy place that you will desire in your home.

You can start with a basic wallpaper design that does not have to be too eccentric in nature, but still exotic and colourful enough to make a statement in your home. Take our blue ocean wave mural for example. This piece of art will instantly remind you of the caribbean or hawaiian shores, with the intense deep blue colours penetrating behind a white backdrop to capture your attention and take you away on a tropical journey. Pair this with neutral or bright furniture to draw your attention to the wall and brighten up the space.  

wave mural

Alternatively, decorate your home with  iconic landscape wallpapers. Bring the outside world in, and enjoy your ‘staycation’ at home with a beautiful landscape wallpaper mural. From breathtaking waterfalls, mountain and meandering lakes in the Italian countryside, to spectacular coastal wallpapers and waterfalls in Thailand, there’s a stunning view for every room!

mountains wall murals


From crystal clear waters, fine white sand and tropical lagoons, all of our fabulous beach murals are made to measure to fit any wall in your home or workspace.

To find out more, browse our online store or call our team today to find your perfect staycation wallpaper.