Home Office Decoration Ideas that will make you work overtime!

Your home office is a place that should foster your inner creativity and maximise your productivity. Striking this balance can be difficult, but in most cases, it is heavily influenced by your surrounding environment.

The new working-from-home-economy comprises more than 42% of Americans and 47% of Candians - a testament to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Consequently, individuals are yearning for a space that is both organised, unique and personal to them. Although, most offices tend to be the most neglected space in our homes, often cluttered and unfriendly environments for inspiration.

In light of this, our interior experts here at EazyWallz have collated a list of home-office design ideas that will help stimulate the senses and motivate you to get those deadlines complete.

  • Think Unique
  • There are more ways to add personalisation to your home office besides from wall hangings.

    Adding personal touches to your home office brings it to life and invites you to settle in for work. It’s important to remember that while your home office is a place to work, it should also inspire you and reflect your unique personality (particularly when you’ll be spending the majority of your days here). 

    Your walls do not need to be blank canvas. You can go for a bold look in your home office by teaming an invigorating black-and-green botanical patterned wallpaper, with standout floral elements, such as our Watercolor Tropical Flower wallpaper. This unique floral wallpaper inspires creativity and adds an energising feel to the office space. Pair with white furniture and dark rustic floors to echo the darkness in the walls. 

    Watercolor Tropical Wallpaper #101

    Alternatively, you can decorate your home office with images that speak to you. Even if you are doing monotonous office tasks, integrating vibrant art to energize your space will help increase your motivation and overall productivity. A bold idea may be to customise your own wall mural. Indeed, everyone loves to be unique and this extends into how we decorate our homes. Imagine creating your own slice of sanctuary, happy in the knowledge that you’ve made it your own. When you are crunching numbers or on a conference call, you can look up at your artwork and reflect on personal memories and moments captured in the murals. 

    The best part? With completely bespoke and unique decoration ideas, you do not need to be tied down to one particular color scheme. This is pertinent for those of you who aren’t sure about what tones will work best for you. Unlike off the shelf wallpapers that come in only a range of colours, with digitally printed wallpaper the choice is only limited by your imagination.

  • Think minimalist and green

  • Breathe some life into your home office, so you’ll want to stay for longer.

    When we think of a home office, we want to ensure that it is both ergonomic, practical and a comfortable space. Colors are renowned for their ability to affect and overall productivity, and according to color psychology, ‘they are one of the most fundamental design tools to alter the perception of a room’.

    In light of this, green is a desirable color for those individuals seeking soothing and calming shades. Green is all about balance, calmness and reassurance; all of which is fruitful for a home office - particularly for those who work in a fast-paced industry. Indeed, sectors such as the financial and banking industries encourage shades of green in their office buildings due to the colors calming and revilitsaling nature.

    Green is also the softest color for our eyes and it’s known to increase reading speed and comprehension. If you’re an editor, lawyer or accountant, who has to read a few thousand words and numbers per day or you’re constantly studying difficult material, this color is a perfect match.

    As aforementioned, traditional “cubicle” office style’s main function is to optimise ‘efficiency, productivity and focus’. But unlike cubicles, which are often super plain and uninspiring, your traditional office should be a reflection of your style and work ethics. The beauty of home offices is that you can decorate the space with the primary goals of creating an environment that is comfortable for you to work in. Take our green modern lines wall mural for example, the white backdrop with soft silhouettes of green veins adds a funky twist to your traditional office space. 

  • Work in color
  • Conversely, If you like bold colors but know you’ll be spending several hours a day in your office, settling for an accent wall or some vibrant pops of color is a great option.

    Bursts of bold and bright tones are particularly pertinent for those of you who work in creative industries, helping to cultivate unique ideas.

    One of the major benefits of integrating color in your home office is that you can tailor it specifically to your own personal requirements. If you want your office space to seem bigger, light and airy colors will create the illusion of a roomier space. If you want your office to feel cozier, go for warmer wall shades and decor like soft yellows and wooden frames.

     home office wall mural

    As aforementioned, blue and green shades are recommended if you want to create a sense of balance and serenity to your space. Or alternatively, bold and dramatic black and red shades are desirable for encouraging confidence and stimulating excitement in your office space.

    Saturating your home office in your favourite tones, along with some personal touches and motivational quotes can also bring you a sense of joy and happiness when you sit down to get to work. Picking the right colors is just a matter of knowing your working style and the main uses of your office space.


    What to do now?

    Whether you are looking for a smoothing ibis that will maximise concentration levels and exude tranquility. Or if you’re seeking some bold and bright tones that express your personality and radiate life through the artwork, Eazywallz have an extensive range of wallpapers and wall murals that will help transform your home office into a space you will love. Shop our online store today for home office inspiration.