The Top 10 Peel and Stick Wall Mural & Wallpaper Themes

    1. Animal Wall Murals

    Animal inspired wallpaper themes are a hot trend to create a unique design in any room. Many majestic and adorable creatures are combined with vibrant colors to achieve a beautiful composition to enhance any space that needs a little pick me up. From Tigers to Toucan’s, there’s an animal design to suit every homeowner.

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    birds of america wallpaper murals

    birds of america wallpaper

    2. Damask & Paisley Peel and Stick Wallpaper

    This damask and paisley design incorporates a grand millennial concept with a touch of outdated and stuffy, yet giving a vintage and classy look to your walls. Each damask and paisley includes a variety of patterns and colors to suit homes wanting a feature wall or just an injection of color into their space. These visually spectacular patterns will be the perfect touch to your bedroom or living area.

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    paisley damask wallpaper murals
    paisley removable wallpaper


    3. Floral Wallpaper

    Give your walls a floral design to die for with the beautiful blooming floral removable wallpaper collection. From brightly colored tropical floral designs to a more classical ‘not your granny’s florals’ design concept. The range of florals incorporates many colours, flower types and textures into each beautiful design - the perfect back backdrop for any featured wall in the bedroom or living room. Take a look at our cottage core blog for more inspiration on all things floral.

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    floral removable wallpaper


    flower wallpaper murals


    floral jungle peel and stick wall murals


    4. Geometric Patterned Wall Murals

    Would you go bold or subtle? There are so many geometric wallpaper patterns to choose from; you really can’t go wrong with this classic design. For unique and alternative patterns, look no further than geometric patterning. The wide range of designs features elegant Gatsby and art deco themes to add a touch of sophistication to your walls. When it comes to geometric patterned wallpaper, the ideas are endless!

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    art deco removable wallpaper
    geometric art deco wallpaper murals


    5. Traditional Styled Wallpaper

    Implementing a traditionally styled wallpaper into your home creates a rich and classic design. These timeless patterns include bold hues that give pure nostalgia, with an old fashioned and sentimental feel. The rustic yet busy prints on these traditional wallpapers will make you feel like you’ve just stepped foot into your grandparents’ house and reversed the clock to the 1970s.

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    traditional removable wallpaper


    traditional peel and stick wallpaper


    6. Ombre Designed Wall Murals

    Possibly one of the hottest interior trends of 2021 so far. Ombre is a beautiful way to add a subtle splash of colour to your home. The color scheme uses a gradient from light to dark or vice versa. It can be easily mixed and matched with any home decor theme. Why bother attempting to get that perfect blended hue with paints - it will cost you your precious time and money. With ombre peel and stick wallpaper, the colours blend together seamlessly - no mess and no fuss!

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    ombre removable wallpaper murals


    ombre peel and stick wallpaper murals


    7. Textured Peel and Stick Wallpaper

    Using high quality textured wallpaper into your space in an easy way to add a feature wall that looks as good as the real thing. There are many textures such as wooden panels, old white brick walls and concrete walls that can easily be achieved by textured removable wallpaper. Not only are there the traditional textures, eazywallz also has an abstract mountain composition with neutral tones, perfect for a Scandinavian and naturalistic aesthetic.

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    abstract mountain wallpaper mural
    cement texture wallpaper mural


    8. Tropical Themed Wall Murals

    Does your home need a little pick me up? To make your interior look a little less sorry for itself, breathe some new life into your home decor with oversized prints, vibrant colors and exotic hues on your walls. The tropical leaf print features birds of paradise, jungle birds and a rainbow array of colors. A tropical theme isn’t for the faint of heart; so, you’re looking to incorporate bold primary colours into your home then tropical is the wallpaper for you! Check out our blog on the tropical trend here.

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    tropical removbale wallpaper prints
    tropical removbale wallpaper murals

    9. Watercolor Wall Murals

    Think pastels and blended colours. A watercolored themed removable wallpaper will add a subtle pop of color into your home if you don’t feel daring enough to go for the bold primaries. With the watercolor theme, there is also the option to incorporate a floral theme with a stencilled flower design over the top of the watercolors. An elegant mix of hand-drawn elements and stunning brush strokes. 

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    watercolor removable wallpaper
    watercolor removable wallpaper murals


    10. Vintage Designed Wallpaper

    For an interior design that's old fashioned and elegant, vintage is the wallpaper trend to follow. The key characteristics of the vintage style are that it conveys the feeling of comfort through its feminine features and its ornate details. With a lightweight look and playful charm, a vintage style can evoke a true feeling of home. Traditionally, vintage means pink and white colors and a slight baroque ambience.

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    vintage flower removable wallpaper
    So… which wall mural theme will you choose?